Interview with Tamil Actor Abdool

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          Until now Tamilcinemabio.blogspot posts movie review, music review, Latest cinema news, Top lists and all others.For the first time, we are getting the live interview from the celebrity. Tamilcinemabio blogs start its first attempt on interviewing other than posting news.Lets see the first live interview with a Tamilcinemabio blog.

          We are going to Interview an Actor.We all know YouTube is now important media to show unknown talent.This actor is also one of the talents of YouTube.His acting in videos from YouTube channels like Temple Monkeys, AdhePut Chutneys etc as noticeable and appreciated by who are all watched.His acting talent in Put chutney video Ctrl+Alt+Delete was best.Now he stepped up to Kollywood throThe Kangal movie.He is None other than Alphonse of he Kangal, Young Actor Abdool. Lets Start.

First of all, thank you for accepting to give us the interview.This is our First interview and our first question is tell us about your first screen presence on YouTube?
                                I was actually working in Wipro.I sent a short film to Vijay Vardharaj, the director of temple monkeys.He called me and told you are doing serious character but  humor roles will suitable for your face.Tomorrow comes to shoot come and join.I don't know about YouTube but I know its good medium and Vijay has done a lot of videos.               So I went as soon as possible but I had a problem going on my work, I had to stay the whole night and next morning went to spot somehow by picking up a shirt from a friend on the way.Washed my face out of sleep and did the video.Video name is the 7G challenge.Its reached Viral.Even the cab drivers asked me if I am the one came in the video.Received nearly 100 calls on that day that is one of the best experience.

Excellent experience bro, Tell us about your passion?
                               From school days my passion is on cinema.I went for plays in every year During College days I did short films.Then acted part time during my Wipro days.I wanted to act but family situations made me choose to engineer.However, I worked for 3 years and also came back to my passion.

That's great, we know how would you feel but how would your family react when you caught a first chance to act in silver screen?
                                   My parents were first not okay with me.Even today my dad asks me to go back to work if possible but my mom is a big support for me.If she hasn't supported it would never happen.

Do you have any brothers or sister?
                               Yes, My younger brother, he is also the worst critic in my home.Both my father and my brother won't show anything to me but they will be very proud of me to their friends
Tell us about success behind "Yaaruya award make platinum Pola rule "?
                                                             I was at my noon shift at the office.The shoot was happening at 12 I ran to the place because Next day Morning I have to leave out of town for a short film.In Shoot, Vijay gave the dialogue and asked me to do in Creative Ways and I told in various modulation for every scene. This video became so famous and then after every body asked.I decided this is the time to move to my passion.And have quit my job it was not an easy decision.We were a middle-class family and my parents had the lot of dreams that I will go to Singapore in on the site.But Appreciations from the video made me choose this.

Super bro, Tell us the story behind The Kangal chance?
                                       I did a video called Palu the Principal, I spoke a slang in it and the ads have seen that.Director Rohan has seen my online Works.We met at our Mutual Friends office. He called for an audition.I got the mail so I went in the Alphonse getup with the broken phone and mobile kit and performed a scene like Alphonse would speak to his customers.They were pretty impressed.

How would you see about your Career rise from short film to YouTube video to Theatre?
                              Only the lights and makeup and setup differs. Same dedications, the same fear, Same performance and same effort.Whatever it is I gave my 100%.

Excellent bro, Tell us about your friend's reaction for your Debut?

                                                I don't have a lot of friends outside the industry.My one best friend is in Dubai and Another name is near my home. Madhan, he always insisted me to pursue acting even before all this famous.He felt genuine like he succeeded when I did that one friend is enough.

Lets use the time machine and come back some years.Some thing you want to change or correct in your past?
                Nothing bro, I think what happens to me for a reason.I am happy for all the good thing and bad thing that happened.

Super bro, A movie Character You wish to do or waiting for in future?
                    Any Character that makes people relate themselves.If I wanna say detail My wish to do characters Chosen by Prakash raj sir, Sathyaraj Sir, Nasser sir.Characters did by Prakash raj sir in movies like Thozha and mani than.He will put right things for right role That's the role me waiting for.

Excellent bro, you will get, Very Normal Question asked in every interview without fail even without this question the interview Will not be full filled.Your Favourite Actor and actress?

                  I almost like all for their individual style.My favorite is Nasser, Prakashraj, Nawazudin Siddique, and Sathyaraj.Favorite Actress always evergreen nonreplaceable jot hi ka.

Super bro, Favourite heroes?

                   Kamal sir and Rajini sir.

Excellent Bro,Our Last question Your Future plan?

               Nothing like that bro.I maximum Plan for the next day.I will think about Tomorrow first.

Thank you, bro, for Your opinion about this interview?

              Am happy bro.It made me thinking of a lot of my struggling days and important people in that.

Thank you so much, bro, for your opinion and support for our Blog.
Every one of us will always look their success but every success will come after a lot of struggles and sacrification.

On behalf of the TamilCinemabio blog, we wish actor Abdool to reach a great height and success in his carrier.

Thanks from Vishal.

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