Again Gossip between Anjali and Jai

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There is always gossip revolve around celebrites some may accept some wont.Recently There is a love gossips around Tamil actress Samantha and Telugu actor Nagasaithanya .Even though they refused at first later they accepted and engagement happened few weeks before.Same like this before this pair Anjali and Jai pair were talked. From their first movie they paired Engayum Eppothum their chemistry were worked well in movie and in real life too.After some days they were seperated due to some personal problem in Anjali life.
Now recently again this pair were gossiped because of surya and venkat prabhu.Surya started a dosa challenge for the promotion for his wife and also actress Jothika upcoming movie Magalir mattum.Surya made a dosa for Jothika and challenged many celebrities.In that way Venkat prabu challenged his friend circle that includes Jai. Jai cooked a dosa for anjali and posted in twitter.This again recreate the gossip between them.

Some says thats not started now its already started last year. At June 16th birthday of anjali jai wished her and anjali thanked him and said be with her forever. This made a clear view that may be they will marry soon or may be it may be a gossip.Lets wait and watch.

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