07 January 2017

Tamil Actor RajiniKanth Top Remarkable Movies

Tamil Actor RajiniKanth Top Remarkable Movies:
                              Actor RajiniKanth,An actor who still controls the box office of Tamil cinema for more than 25 years.A Tamil actor who is well known throughout the world.Who is having more fan base in south India.Mainly called as Super Star.He entered Kollywood in late 70s but now Kollywood is known by everyone because of him. He Proved black skin and rough face can also rule the Tamil cinema fans heart.From Black and white generation to current digital generation he is the leading actor of Tamil Cinema and still holds many box office record.He acted 160 movies some may appreciated,some may enjoyed,some may disappointed but many movies still in hearts of cinema fan.An actor can't survive in Tamil cinema only by their fans,general audience also accept him.

Strong and effective movies and Mind blowing acting can only make him to attract general audience and survive in the field.That's not the simple thing.Actor RajiniKanth gives some much of blockbuster movies but every movie wont attract general audience and fans at same time.Some attracts fans but general audience can't get impressed and vice verse.Now we are going to see Top Remarkable movies of  RajiniKanth which lives in heart of his fans and General audience.We didn't rate any movies in this list we pointed out 10 movies that were favourite of his fans and audience.

Aaril irunthu Arubathu varai (1979):
                              Actor RajiniKanth one of the classic hit movie.This movie directed by Director S.P.Muthuraman.This movie details about the life of a man Santhanam who sacrifice everything for his family.This movie identifies Actor RajiniKanth's versatile acting and made him popular among female audience.This movie is one of the best  movies in his carrier.This is important movie that makes him to reach to every families.

Billa (1980):
           One of the turning point of Actor RajiniKanth Carrier.This movie was directed by director R.Krishnamurthuy.This movie revolves around gangster Billa and how rajappa a local guy looks like Billa enters in to the gang of billa.RajiniKanth acted in dual role,one is Gangster Billa a terrific Evil role and other one is Rajappa innocent local guy.He shows so much variation in acting attracts many fans and makes strong fan base for him.Billa becomes one of the blockbuster movie for him and also at that time every general audience would say any crime thriller movie can't match billa.This movie later remaked as Billa in 2007 by actor ajith kumar in lead role.

Murattu Kaalai(1980):
                  Actor RajiniKanth another Blockbuster movie of same year.This one of the most remarkable movies of Actor RajiniKanth Carrier.Producer of this movie most popular AVM productions produces this movie after heavy loss of previous movies.This movie was produced in highest budget at that time.This movie was directed by S.P.Muthuraman.This movie revolves around Village guy Kaalayan and his brothers.This movie creates many box office records at that time.This movie one of the mass hit of his carrier.This is the first movie which Started a trend of introduction song for hero.Fight scenes are mostly appreciated at that time. This movie still remarkable movie of Tamil Cinema.

Moondru Mugam(1982):
                 Actor RajiniKanth super hit movie directed by A.Jagannathan released at 1982 becomes one of the mass movie of that year.Actor RajiniKanth acted in triple role in this movie.In this three roles leading role Alex pandian,police character was appreciated by every one.A strict police character was inspiration for many police characters later.It also made RajiniKanth a box office king at that time.

                 Thalapathi is one of the classic hit of Actor RajiniKanth Carrier.Actor RajiniKanth combination with Malluwood Superstar Mamooty in direction of Director Maniratnam creates great hype at that time.Music Maestro Ilayaraja hit album and excellent screenplay makes this movie a classic cult.Still now general audience will  say this movie a best ever in Actor RajiniKanth Carrier.This is only movie Legend Director Maniratnam Join Hand with Two superstars in single movie.

               Actor RajiniKanth turns into SuperStar RajiniKanth From this movie.Source said this is the movie Superstar title card used at beginning of the movie.This movie become one of the mass hit movie.Directer Suresh Krishna directed this movie.This movie breaks previous box office record and reaches Actor rajinikanth star value at its peak.Actor RajiniKanth challenging scene was one of the best all time mass scenes in Tamil movies.Annamalai is also one of the best mass movie in Tamil movie.

             Whenever we list a best of best movies Baasha will be one of them.This movie is one of the highest grossed movie in Tamil cinema,one of the best mass movie in  Actor RajiniKanth Carrier.Director Suresh krishna 2nd time combination with Rajini becomes one of the biggest blockbuster in his carrier.This is one of the Turning point in Actor RajiniKanth Carrier.Baasha Creates so much trends in tamil cinema.Hero who is silent and turns violent in 2nd half was started from this movie.Baasha Intermission scene is selected as one of the best intermission scene from TamilCinemabio.blogspot.com website.Baasha is still all time favourite movie for his fans.

               Even though this is remake of Malayalam movie mani chithrathazh this movie become one of  the biggest hit at that time.Chandramukhi is not mass movie comparing to other RajiniKanth movies,but this movie created new record in Box office.After the failure of previous movie Baba,Media spread that RajniKanth carrier will finished with that movie.He joins with Director P.Vasu gives a terrific hit movie at that time.This movie runs 800days in Chennai theatres.One of the biggest Blockbuster at that time.

            One of the highest opening collection record created by this movie.Actor RajiniKanth join hands with Most wanted director Shankar creates a great expectation.This movie become another box office collection.Still now Sivaji was considered as one of best mass movies of tamil movies.Shankar screenplay and Actor RajiniKanth mass screen presence makes this movie one of the great mass hit of this generation.

           No one think Actor RajiniKanth can do sci-fi movie with a terrific performance.Shanker proved once again.This movie brakes previous record created by sivaji. This movie promotion is one of the expensive promotion till now.The sequel of this movie was progressing and titles as 2.0.This movie becomes highest collected in overseas.Enthiran is also released highest number of theaters worldwide.

                       This are all top Remarkable movies in Actor RajiniKanth.Starting from Baasha He brakes previous box office record movie with his movie only. Rajini Kanth always creates a specific record in every movies.That's why he is called as king of Box office in Tamil Cinema industry.For More updates please click the link TamilCinemaBio.blogspot.com 

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