Top Gossips of Tamil Cinema this week

Gossips of this week:
                   Every Tamil cinema fans will have interest in watching movies, Getting to know about movies list of their favorite actors, actress and also knowing gossips of their actors.Gossips are news that may be true or may not be really happened.So We can't give you assurance about reality of the News followed.So we are not going to mention the person better you guess whom we are saying about. Lets check it out what are all top gossips surrounding the Kollywood area.

Nail biting situation for Spark Hero Upcoming Movie:

    Spark hero latest movie is going to release next week.Producer of that movie spends heavy amount for that movie because that actors previous hit movie collection gave profit for producer and distributors.So producer estimated this movie will give higher collection than previous movie within the week.After Demonetization every collections should moved by bank and ticket rate will followed by government rule.So collection of the movie nearly reduce than the expectations.So production team is so nervous. Already many movies are competete with this movie so the estimated collection will reduce if the movie is not run well. Spark hero movie production team are in nail biting situation and some of that team are talking with other movies to postpone their movies.

Head puts conditions:

                Latest Head movie shooting in progress.Director of that movie is getting continuous chance to work with head.Since head can work freely and effortless way he choose same director again and again.Now the news is Head puts the strict condition to director that Romance scenes should reduced or neither never put any romance scene in this movie.Even though their previous combination gives super hit movies,romance scenes are not worked well.Already Head look and age not suiting for
these scenes.So head makes this decision and script team immediately changing the script.One more info says that actress first time pairing up with hero now feels bad for this condition.

Leading Actress Decision makes a way for sensation:

                 Highly paid leading actress of Tamil cinema now started to show interest only on heroine based movies or movie having Powerful Heroine Character.So Actress put pull stop for script having usual heroine subjects.producers and directors coming towards her were shocked due to this decision.Those Scripts are moving towards the latest sensation actress.Directors are knocking the door of Sensation Actress.Now Sensation Tamil Actress are busy acting with all top heroes of Tamil and Telugu. Sensation Actress was now so happy to be reaching high  within the year.

Sensation actress plan:

                 There is another news about latest Sensation Actress.Sensation actress who is already having many movies in current calender. Currently actress acting with some leading heroes of Tamil and Telugu.But comparing to Telugu Movies Actress Ignores some Tamil movies especially leading Tamil hero movie. Kollywood surrounding says that the reason behind that was age factor but main reason was the money matter.Comparing to kollywood ,tollywood was ready to pay high.So Actress concentrates Telugu movie than the Tamil movies which gives first chance.

Tamil Cinema Producers anger on new heroes:

                  Upcoming Tamil heroes are ready to do anything for their character and movie to reach success.But some heroes are following some new formula's.Heroes given 1or2 hit movies are not coming for promotion of their movies.Even though Producers are ready to pay including for promotions these actors are not ready to come for promotions.The Reason said from producer side is after giving one hit movie or acting with highly paid actors they think them as Leading heroes and avoiding to attend the promotions of their movies. Producers also adviced them this is not good for them and this will sure affect their Career growth.But still there is no proper reason come from actors side.Already producer warns actor in promotion of the movie where they both acted in same movie released at end of last year.

How it happening to D actor:

                  Recently many promotion for D actor movies are released every week.In every movie Female Artist selection was perfect and awesome.This makes a buzz around the movies.So Kollywood wonders how this many things happening to D frequently.Some Actors are struggling to give a movie at correct time and some struggling to promote their movie.D updates are making them shocked and searching the correct reason for these happenings.

                                         These are all some gossips revolved around Kollywood some days back.
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