26 December 2016

Which is a good movie, Let it be decide by people - Tamil Actor Arun Vijay

Which is a good movie, Let it be decide by people - Tamil Actor Arun Vijay

Tamil Actor Arun Vijay
Tamil Actor Arun Vijay in outrage Which is a good movie let it be decide by people there is no backtrack in pongal release actor Arun Vijay informed. Kutram23 is a movie in Arivazhalagan direction and Indhar kumar production, acted by Arunvijay ,Mahima and yet some more people. This movie was expected to release on pongal.

Including Tamil Actor Illaya Thalapathy Vijay's Bhairava movie there are six movies, going to release for pongal. There is also a tough competition among the movies that which is going to back down. It is also to be noted that there are no movies back tracked so far. In this situation Arunvijay tweeted in his twitter page, that i am not competing with any legends, am here to do my work with full dedication, so please don't hit me from back. Live and Let live ,like he tweeted.

There are many news spreading in this way that who is behind the issue that he was asked to back down from his pongal release and perhaps that is the reason for his twitter post. contacting Tamil Actor Arun vijay regarding this he said we are releasing movie not to compete with anyone, moreover talking some issues directly is better rather talking back, it is not acceptable but we still have full hope on our movie. we are not here for the matter of proving anything but making a good movie to show our love for cinema.

Tamil Actor Arun vijay - latest tweet:

I tweet some things that are common but not to point anyone personally. No matter what tell me directly, it is accepted. cinema is a common way, anyone can release a movie, let people decide which is the good one after watching it. But blocking those opportunities is very hard to accept. we will come on Pongal for sure he said confidently.

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