Top shocking Box Office Results in Tamil Cinema

Top shocking Box Office Results in Tamil Cinema

Tamil movie anjaan Box Office Collection
Tamil cinema often gives many shock in Indian cinema industries. But at some times Tamil Cinema faces some surprises too. Unexpected movies gets hit most expected movie becomes disaster in box office, sudden viral hits and many .Now we are going to see Top 3 unforgettable shocks of kollywood based on its Box Office Collection. 

Box Office Collection of Tamil Movie Anjaan in the year 2014:

In mid of 2014 two movies released at same day. One is Tamil movie Anjaan a most expected movie of that year. Tamil Actor suriya with the combination of Tamil Director Lingusaamy gave huge promotion for Anjaan. The competitor of this movie is Tamil Director Radhakrishnan Parthibans Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam . Comparing to Anjaan this movie promoted very less, budget also very less . Director Radhakrishnan Parthiban too said to see Anjaan first if show gets house full then come to my movie in audio launch of his movie. But after release the result becomes very shock for every Tamil cinema fans . Anjaan became a disaster and KTVI became a surprise Box Office hit of that year. There may be many reasons for these happenings but still no one can forget these two movies in their lifetime. 

Tamil movie Naan Ee Box Office Collections
Box Office Collection of Tamil Movie Naan Ee in Tamil - Year 2012:

In 2012 Telugu hit director S.S.Rajamouli released his direct Tamil movie Naan Ee thats a bilingual movie inTeluguu its released as Eeka . First the movie is released very less number of screens. The movie promoted with Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam . After the release the Naan Ee becomes a terrific hit . It becomes one of the box office hits of that year. Later it becomes children favorite movie. When we look at the Bock buster hit of Tamil movie Naan Ee, some times we should agree that even House flies can make difference in the Box Office collection in Tamil Cinema Industry.

Word wide hit of Tamil movie 3  - song Why this Kolaveri and how it helped in Box Office Collection of that movie:

Releasing single track before movie release is common thing. single track getting hit is also common but getting hit world wide its a trend. In end of 2011 Tamil movie 3 team released a single track with making video in powerfull social media youtube. The single track named why this kolaveri di. As such a name the song gets viral hit all over the world. First time a tamil song gets a hit all over the world. Tamil Actor Dhanush and music director Anirudh ravichandran noticed all over world before getting official debut in kollywood. Followed by the huge hit of Tamil song Why this Kolaveri Dee, the expectation on the release of Tamil movie 3 got multipled into numbers in expectation meter of the movie and the same did help after the release of the movie in its Box Office Collection. 

There are lots of shocking moments happened in Tamil cinema but these are all unexpected and also unforgettable moments in Box Office. Still we are going to witness many other . If you readers have any shocking moments in Tamil Cinema industry you can comment it.

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