Top / Best Tamil movies of the year 2016

Top Tamil Movies of 2016:

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Top 10 Tamil Movies ( 2016 )
Every year more than 200 movies are screening as Tamil Cinema. Some movies are entertaining us , some movies make us emotional, some movies make us laugh and there are some movies which bored us , irritate us too. Whatever main backbone of cinema industry is business and art. Now we are going to see some list of Tamil movies result.

Highest grossed Tamil movies in 2016:

Box office collection is one thing followed from starting of Tamil movies. At that time box office is not noticed by audience but now audiences were expecting the result of this box office collection too . There are so many confusions in finalizing the real gross of the movie. So we refer some websites and collected some gross of movies. These may not accurate but near to it. Lets see;

Tamil Movie Achcham Yenbathu Madamayada:

The reunion of VTV team makes this movie to expectations higher and also music of the movie is super hit. This makes this movie to collect to 39 crores. This is one of the unforgettable movie in Tamil Actor Simbu career.

Tamil movie Pichaikaran :

One of the surprise blockbuster of this year. This movie proved Good story can pull family audience to theater and collects 46 crores. This movie rises Tamil Actor Vijay Antony career.

Tamil Movie Kodi:
Tamil Movie Remo ( 2016 )

One of the comeback movie in Dhanush Carrer. This movie was appreciated mainly for good story and Tamil actor Dhanush fabulous acting. This movie collects 53 crores in box office .

Tamil movie Remo:

This movie is great opening in Tamil Actor Shiva Karthikeyan career. we can say The getup change of shiva makes this opening possible. Remo collects 55 crores.

Tamil movie Rajini Murugan:

Other Shiva Karthikeyan movie that released as one of the Tamil movies released on Pongal 2016 festival movie collects 56 crores and becomes festive time winner. This movie comes as Full entertainment movie enjoyed by family all over.

Tamil movie Kaashmora:

Different get up and well acting performance of Tamil Actor Karthi and Tamil actress Nayantara make a huge expectation revolve around the movie Kaashmora. This movie released at one of the Tamil movies released for Diwali 2016 race and collects 62 crores.

Tamil movie Irumugan:

After long days Tamil Actor Vikram's dual acting and powerful mass story combines again to give hit for Vikram. This movie collects up to 87 crores. This movie trailer rises the expectation meter.

Tamil Movie 24:

This first sci-fi movie for Tamil Actor surya appreciated by every audience . Surya balanced very well for Three characters of this movie. This movie collects 107 crores.

Tamil Movie Theri:
Tamil movie Theri ( 2016 )

First combination of Tamil Actor Vijay and Tamil Director Atlee clicks well and celebrated thought by vijay fans. This movie released as a summer holiday Tamil movies of 2016 and entertains family audience. This movie collected 158 crores.

Tamil Movie Kabali :

Every Superstar movie release always will be celebrated as a Tamil Cinema released in festival 2016 by his fans. This movie expectation started from the director Pa.Ranjith reveals confirmation news in Twitter last year. Movie expectation rises from every audiances because of the promotion of this movie. For the first time this movie promoted in aeroplane. Tamil Actor Superstar Rajnikanth acting and mass with the combination of sandosh narayanan music and Pa.Ranjith story creates a quake in box office . This movie collects 298 crores.

Top profitable Tamil movies of year 2016:

Besides this list we are going to see the list of movie that gives good profit for producers and distributors. Even though movie collects well but as per the profit of the movie concerns budget of the movie is also important. We are going to see Comparing to budget the collection of movie satisfies the producer and distributor with good profit. Read further to see the shocking result

Tamil Movie Thozha:
Tamil Actress Tamanna for Thozha ( 2016 )

Tamil actor Karthi, Tamanna and nagarjuna starrer bilingual movie which was produced with small investment gives 24 percent profit .

Tamil Movie Kabali:

Even though this movie is highest gross but the budget of the movie is nearly equal to the collection. So kabali gives 25 percent profit.

Tamil Movie Remo:

This movie is released at durga holidays and entertains the people well . This movie gives 27 percent profit.

Tamil Movie Sethupathi:

This movie is produced with least production. The good cop story attracts the people and gives 28 percent profit.

Tamil movie Iruthi sutru:

This billingual movie is distributed to very low percent comparing to the movie budget. The quality of the movie gives 34 percent of profit to producers and distributors.

Tamil Movie Dhilliku dhuttu:

Every theatre owners happy with this movie result. As the movie follows the usual horror trend and sandanam comedy makes the family audiance to come and visit once in rural side. This movie gives 38 percent profit.

Tamil Movie Rajini murugan:
Tamil movie Rajini Murugan ( 2016 )

As we already discussed about this movie. The pongal winner gives 38 percent profit and high grossing this year.

Tamil Movie Velainu Vanthuta Vellaikaran:

This is very shocking result we come across. This movie produced in low budget and there is no big promotion too for this. This comedy ride reached every rural area and gives 43 percent profit.

Tamil Movie Appa:

This edutainment movie produced in very low budget and there is no promotion too. This movie gets pickup after its first week. Every family audiance comes to theatre with kids too. This movie gives 44 percent profit.

Tamil Movie Pichaikaran:

Again star of the show took place in the top list. This movie budget was around 3 to 4 crore but collects to 45 crores and also gives 47 percent profit.

Top Criticaly Appreciated Movies of year 2016:

Up to now we looked at TamilCinema with profitable buisness. Now we are going to see top quality movies that shows the real artistical mind of Tamil Cinema. The list is based on IMBD rating and also considering the appreciation from medias and True TamilCinema Fans.

Pichaikaran -imdb rating 7.7:

Mother sentiment will always workout in Tamil Cinema. This movie proves that once again . This movie deals with a son who is Wealthy person turns to begger to rescue his mother. This emotional action movie reached all centre and also took place all list of us. One of the best in vijay antony carrer.

Kutrame Thandanai -imdb rating 7.9:

Kaka muttai fame director K.S.Manikandan first movie but released late after kaka muttai . Its all about a common man mindset around a murder case of a women. Ilayaraja magical music and sharp dialoges are noted one in this movie.

24- imdb rating 8.1:

The first sci-fi movie of suriya appreciated for the effort and suriya three dimensional acting. Its deals about time travel machine which invented by a scientist and his cunning brother who kills him for this watch. This movie CG work was excellent .

Iraivi- imdb rating 8.1:
Tamil Actor Vijay Sethupathi and actress Anjali for
Tamil movie Iraivi ( 2016 )

Karthik subburaj Multistarrer movie deals about a woman pain and feelings. This movie appreciated by every womens and karthik subburaj shows his classic cult effort from this movie.

Uriyadi-imdb rating 8.2:

This movie is full of debuts from casting to directions. As all were debuts this movie is not reached well. But this movie talks about bold thing what others denies to do. Its all about how a students affected by a Community Association which tries to turn it as party. One of the best movie that is to be watched.

Aandavan Kattalai-imdb rating 8.3:

Another movie from K.S.Manikandan that talks about the rules and laws of government offices and why should we not follow illegal way. This edutainment movie got appreciated for the making and reality .

Appa-imdb rating 8.3:

This movie by Tamil Director Samuthrakani says about educational system and private school attrocities. This movie also same like Uriyadi there is no promotion for this movie so this movie is also not reached well but still appreciated for unique dialogs and screenplay.

Ammani-imdb rating 8.5:

A women director cum actor Lakshmi Ramakrishnan emotional drama about old ladies steels the heart of audiance. The problem is about promotions and less number of screening. Whoever watched this movie appreciated well and story of this movie.

Visaaranai-imdb rating 8.8:
Tamil Movie Visaaranai ( 2016 )

Nothing to say about this movie . Visarani already won many awards including national award and also nominated for oscar awards. movie directed by Vetrimaran based on true incidents about introggation by police. The cold blooded scenes creates impact in audience mind. The automatic fear created declears a success.

Joker-imdb rating 8.9:

A first class political sattire movie that reseambles clear view of politics like a mirror. president character and acting of Guru Somusundaram. The dialogs and story by director Raju Murugan. This movie appreciated by every audiances.

This list are referred by the basis of some websites and wikipedia. Still some movies that we expect to release this year are releasing next year. Lets wait and see how it changes the box office. On behalf of Tamil Cinema Blog we wishing you Advance Happy New Year.

We want to tell you something. The information presented on this website is based on various internet sources and estimates. Tamil Cinema Blog accepts no liability or responsibility to any person or organization as a consequence of any reliance upon the information contained in this website.

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