Top 10 Best Actors - Tamil of the year 2016

Every year the competition about who is at the top most among all heroes is a common thing so let us have a look about who stood this crown this year? Except the leading actors kamal Hassan and Ajith, movies from almost all the leading heroes had released this year. In fact Actor Rajini kanth is always at the peak so excluding him, let us know who captures the top position this year?
Tamil Actor Vikram 2016

Tamil Actor vijay in the year 2016 :

Vijay used to have a policy of giving movie once in a year. In this year his movie Theri was a big hit where he showed up his different shades like a soft father, a fierceful police officer, a
beloved lover was awesomely welcomed and adored by his fans. In spite of all his up and downs box office hit movies, Theri is a quite normal hit movie for him rather giving him a mass hit.
Tamil Actor Vikram in the year 2016:

Irumugan is a movie from actor vikram where he played an extraordinary dual roles to show case the difference between the characters hero Akilan and villan Love . one side the interest that he showed to seize villain on the other side as a just like that casual villain role was greatly liked by the fans. Though this movie earns a gud income this movie hardly face many criticisms,due to lack of trustworthiness in movie scenes.

Tamil Actor Surya in the year 2016:

In current year Surya too joined in the trend of senior actors, the policy of satisfying with single movie a year, he acted ina movie called 24 a thriller genre story.Though he played triple
roles in the movie, the variation he showed in acting among the three roles made the audience raised and seated over towards the edge. His usual face reactions and normal scence settings made everyone felt bored and slightly reduced the interest about this movie.

Tamil Actor Simbu in the year 2016:
Tamil Actor Simbu STR movies in 2016

Simbu who is on the long waiting list even for a single movie release this year was busy with couple of movies.Ithu Namma Aalu as a choclate boy and with beard in Achcham Yenbathu Madamayada
was only the difference with simbu. simbu- Nayanthara pair in Ithu Nama Aalu creates a gossips even before the movie release but there are no gossips after the movie has released. The movie Achcham Yenbathu Madamayada first half was full of A.R.Rahman's beautiful music score and second half was full of stunts and action that made simbu performance moderate.

Tamil Actor Dhanush in the year 2016:
Tamil actor Dhanush Movies 2016

After the success of 4 movies last year, this year actor Dhanush was happy with the two movies Thodari and Kodi .Thodari a love story, in a train, that losed its control had created lot of
expectations among the audience but failed to fullfill those expectations. though the role is not tough enough to Dhanush's matured acting in the movie made it worth to consider. Diwali release movie Kodi had flown higher to some extent. Dhanush played his dual role in an asusual way. The weak script about politics made the brightness of Kodi fader, perhaps less disappointment from Kodi gave him enough hope to move on.

Tamil Actor Vishal in the year 2016:

Vishal acted in two movies this year Kathakali and Maruthu.Kathakali an action cum thriller story and Maruthu a village love cum revenge story, in both of these movies his new physique and
character setup was not as much attracted by the audience. His action
failed to lend him hand in these character setups since his character
was not sound in both the movies.

Besides these actors waiting in the front row towards big hit, these three actors Vijay sethupathi, Sivakarthikeyan and Karthi are progressing well towards their cinema journey .

Tamil Actor karthi in the year 2016:

Both of the movies Thozhaand Kashmora scored good in income as well as Screenplay. In Thozha karthi impressed audience as a good companion by adding colours in the life of Nagarjuna who was paralysed , In kashmora karthi attracted all in his dual role with three dimensions.Since both the movies are with different screenplays and characters, this year might be the happiest one for Karthi.

Tamil Actor Sivakarthikeyan in the year 2016:

Sivakarthikeyan growing rapidly with his common way of acting in roles combined with action, comedy, love, dance. He has now become one of the most promising actors among the producers. Both Remo and Rajini Murugan movies acted by him was a big victory movies this year. He made Rajini Murugan hit shot by his sarcastic facial expressions. In Remo he excelled his roles by showing variation in his appearance both as a lover and nurse.

Tamil Actor Vijay Sethupathi in the year 2016: 

Masala movie or a stiff mustache police story or a village subject or subject about understanding about women, or script about the youth losing his way due to family circumstances, comedy or rowdy character, No matter what the genre, subject or script Vijay sethupathi is the only choice is the promising fact has seen by the Tamil cinema world this year. Vijay sethupathi by his 6 movies Sethupathi, Kaadhalum Kadanthupogum, Iraivi, Dharmadurai, Aandavan Kattalai, Rekka has taken a pride that the only hero who acted in more movies with various script and different character setup this year. Matching with all these different character setup is his unique specialty. His simple casual acting, speech relevant to the character, body languages are his most supported tools. By selecting different scripts actor Vijay sethupathi ranking first place for his quality acting and also in counts of movies and success rates.

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