Tamil movie Saithaan - Casts and Crew, Story Line and Complete Review

Tamil movie Saithaan - Casts and Crew, Story Line and Complete Review

Casts of Tamil movie Saithan : Tamil Actor Vijay Antony, Arundhati Nair, Y.Gee.Mahendran, Sharuhasan

Cinematography: Tamil Cinema Cinematographer Pradeep kalipurayath

Editing: Tamil Cinema Editor veera senthil raj

Music : Tamil Cinema Music Director Vijay Antony

Music Label: Sony Music India

Basic Story of Tamil movie Saithaan written by : Tamil Writer late Sugatha Rangarajan, pradeep Krishnamoorthy

Produced : fathima vijay antony

Banner: Vijay Antony Film Corporation

Directed : Tamil Cinema director Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

Genre: Phsycological Thriller.

Censor certificate for Tamil movie Saithaan : U/A

Latest sensation Tamil Actor Vijay Antony new release got huge expections among Tamil audiance because of two main reasons. One of them is his last release Pichaikaran made a blockbuster in Kollywood boxoffice . And other one first 9 minutes of this movie released last week in youtube creates a buzz over this movie. These make expectation on saithan . Lets see how saithan fullfill the expectation.

Story of Tamil movie Saithaan:

The basic storyline of Tamil Movie Saithan is IT employee Dinesh ( Vijay antony) having a pshycological problem in him that hearing a strange voice to kill Jayalakhmi . That makes trouble in his life . Who is jayalakshmi? , whose voice is that ? What happens next ? See it in theatre near.

Main hero of the movie Saithaan is Tamil Writter Late Sugatha Rangarajan story. The thrilling script makes audiance to come in tip of the seat. The first half of the movie moves so fast and intresting . But the second half of the movie let the same thrilling feel down and comes to regular path of Tamil Cinema. The 15 minutes before the climax feels bored but last twist that revealed at end of the movie forgots every negative things and gets appreciation.

Tamil movie Saithaan Complete Review:

Tamil actor Vijay Antony shines well as an actor in this movie. He gives his best in acting but in mass scenes still he needs to work well. Arunthathi nair shows her best in acting talent and also her beauty justifies her character. Other actors not have so much space in screen but gives perfect justification.

While looking at Technical side editor should be appreciated . He makes this movie so fast and crispy. Cinematography is good and songs is not catchy . Tamil Music Actor Vijay Antony mainly focus on Acting but miserably fails in Music where he comes from.

Tamil Director Pradeep Krishnamoorthy gives us nail biting thrilling moments in first half but he fails to complete that fully. Director should appreciated to place the final twist at end of the movie and makes audince till end of the end card of this movie.

Overall Tamil Movie Saithan is very good movie to watch with your friends. Tamil Actor Vijay Antony gives his Second hit on end of this year.

Verdict from theatre: very good

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