04 December 2016

Tamil movie Maaveeran Kittu - Casts and Crew, Story line and Complete Review

Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu

Tamil movie Maaveeran Kittu - Casts and Crew, Story line and Complete Review

Casts and Crew of Tami movie Maeeran Kittu: 

Main male lead role ( Hero ) - Tamil Actor Vishnu Vishal, 

Main female lead role ( Heroin ) - Tamil Actress Sri Divya,   

Other actors in Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu - Ra.Parthiban, Harish Uthaman, Soori

Cinematographer of Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu : A.R.Soorya

Editor of Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu : Kasi Vishwanathan

Music director of Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu : Tamil Cinema Music Director D.Imman

Music Label: Sareegama

Story of Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu: Suseenthran

Producer of Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu : Ice wear. Chandrasamy
                                                                      D.N.Thai Saravanan

Banner: Asian Cine Combines

Directed of Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu : Tamil Director Suseenthran

Genre: periodic drama

Censor board certificate for movie Tamil Movie Maveran Kitu: U

Back Ground of Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu:

Only some director can give criticaly appreciated movie to commercialy successfull. Tamil Director Suseenthran one of them. His previous movies are best example for that.Combination of Tamil cinema director Suseendran and Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal always will be a remarkable movie in both of their carrer. Lets see how would be this movie.

Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu actors

Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu Story Line:

The basic storyline of Tamil Movie Maveran Kitu is In 1980 something a village near madurai was under caste discrimination. College student krishna @kitu( Tamil actor Vishnu vishal) having a dream to become district collector by the help of his mentor sinrasu( Tamil actor Radhakrishan parthiban) . High caste Police inspector ( harish uthaman) arrest kitu for a murder case after some days kitu was missing . Where did kitu goes? What happend to him? What did sinrasu do for that ? See it in theater near.

Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu Complete Review:

The main plot of the story was said at starting scene itself so the audience can easily engage with the movie but the problem starts when second half starts to ride with the usual commercial formula. the song placement and love sequences drags the movie . Result of the movie didnt give any impact that it wants to give.

Casting aspect Tamil Actor Vishnu Vishal and Radhakrishnan Parthiban holds the full movie in their shoulder and travels to it. Sri divya gives her usual expression . Other actors justifies their character.

While looking at Technical aspect cinematography was too good that feels us to live at 80s .D.Imman music on bgm was super comparing to songs. Especially sound score for Radhakrishnan Parthiban was excellent. Editor might have cut one song and trim some scene length.

Director suseenthiran always specialized list in creating impact in audiance but in this movie thats the missing one . As there is no impact every scene is traveling as time pass. Director gives good screenplay in first half but miserably fails to continue it.

Overall started with good and bold plot but fails to execute it.

Verdict from theatre on Tamil movie Maveeran Kittu:

Critics view: good theme but slowly narrated

Common mans view: expecting more from Tamil Director Suseenthran.

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