Tamil Movie Bale vellaya Deva - Casts and crew, story and One Word review

Tamil Movie  Bale vellaya Deva review:

Cast:  M.Sasikumar ( Hero ), Tamil Actress Tanya ravichandran ( Name of Heroin / Main Female actress of Tamil movie Bale Vellaiya Deva ), kovai sarala, sangili Murugan, rohini

Music :  Dharbukha shiva

Music Label:  Think Music India

Produced: M.Sasikumar

Banner:  Company Production

Directed: Solai Prakash

Genre:  comedy
Censor board certificate Tamil Movie Bale Vellaya Deva :  U

The basic storyline of Tamil Movie Bale velaya deva is   about a village where hero sasikumar son of post woman face a clash with local tv channel owner and also love a local girl. How did he succed both with the help of kovai sarala? Whats the problem with both ? Watch it in theatre near.

The story of the movie is as like as 1990s 95s comedy movies. There is nothing to discuss or think about it . Director decided to make audience to feel free and enjoy the comedy. The movie feels so boring untill kovai sarala and sangili murugan takes the control of the screenplay.last 15 minutes movie was so enjoyable but untill then its not interesting

Casting aspect  legendary actress Kovai Sarala lives as selfie Kaathayi main character of the movie. Her comedy at end of the movie very well executed. Tamil actress Tanya ravichandran who is the heroin of Tamil movie Bale Vellaiya Deva has got her debutant in this movie and also very happy to see heroine dubbed by her own. Tanya too performed very well. Sasi kumar tried what he can do well. Other characters are too simply filling the frame.

While looking at Technical aspect editing done a good job. Movie runs less than 2 hours so that we dont feel headache. Camera and music is not upto mark to mention.

Tamil Movie Bale Vellaya Theva - Complete Review:

Debut director solai prakash tries to bring feel free comedy but not upto the level other hit comedy movies gives. On other hand director should be appreciated for making every one laugh without double meaning or adultrated comedy lines used in this movie. Since we didnt expect much from this movie nothing to loss. While in that view this movie will still cover B and C centre .

Overall if you want to get some timepass with your famiy  you can see for one time. You cant expect nothing more than that.

One word review - Tamil movie Bale Vellaya Deva:

Critics view on Tamil movie Bale Vellaya Theva:  Below average usual  format movie

Common mans view Tamil movie Bale Vellaya Theva:  Nothing to wonder and also nothing to loss.

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