Most unfortunate Tamil Cinema Celebrities in 2016

Most unfortunate Tamil Cinema Celebrities in 2016

In 2016, over 200 films were released in Tamil. Except for Tamil Actor Kamal and Tamil Actor Ajith other main actors films were released. Tamil Cinema directors Mani Ratnam, Shankar, Murugadoss, Mishkin, Selvaraghavan are among the main directors who has not released a movie this year. Here we will see about much-anticipated films, actors, directors but unfortunately ruined our faith.

Director Bala movies and result in 2016

Tamil Cinema Director Bala most epic drama ‘Setu’ won him many many prestigious awards of Indian cinema. Directed only about 7 films still Bala has a huge fan base for the way he moves his film with intention. But in recent time may be from Avan ivan there is a common trend in Bala’s movie which includes splashing blood and bizarre revenge plot. In early movies, Bala used todo show the life of normal people by living among them. Thaarai thappattai was directed by Bala which released this year. Fans were expecting to see the lifestyle of people who are doing this karaga dance with the intention that Bala showed in setu (life of mentally ill people), Naan kadavul (life of beggars) but unfortunately thaarai thappattai turned out again having that bizarre revenge plot. This not typical Bala. This caused disappointment even at the heart of hardcore Bala fans.

The personality of Bala that was seen during early days of his career is beginning to fade out later. There are many Indian directors like Anurag Kashyap, Rajkumar Hirani who appalled Bala for his works. Recently the way Bala casting his story is becoming unacceptable one and hope to see he will back with a bang

Tamil actor Jiiva movies and result in 2016

In 2014 Jeeva starrer 'Yan' was not a success story as he expected, so whole 2015 he spent on rest. In 2016 Jiiva starrer in 'Pokkiri Raja', 'Thirunaal,'Kavalai vendam '

Jiiva choose these three projects just to entertain people which all his films failed miserably with a possible exception of ‘Pokkiri raja’. Thirunaal was in the hype because of the actress Nayanthara but it is a normal masala movie. ‘Kavalai vendam’ is like only for laughing which is filled with double meaning. Where a whole family of both boy and girl speaks in double meaning

Jiiva acted in movies like ‘Ram, Katradhu Tamil, E and KO’ in which he showcased his acting abilities. All this movies were applauded by people but not all this are commercially successful and not much of entertaining the audience. Jiiva once said in an interview only the dialogue “machi oru quarter sollen” from movie siva manasula sakthi has reached people and none of his other films were not able to make such remarks. So, Jiiva started to focus more on just for entertainment movies. Jiiva obtained his name as actor Jiiva by the movies he previously engaged.

So, we hope Jiiva will wisely choose his plots and will wait for Jiiva-25 with eagerness at 2017

Tamil Actor Vishal movies and result in 2016

The man who was more successful in the cinema-political plot other than his movie successful rates. Vishal starrer in Marudhu, Kadhakali, Kaththi sandai were released with the exception of Marudhu other two movies did not do well in box office.

Probably Vishal is following all the same kind of story plots throughout his career from the beginning of Sanda kozhi.Hope now he is secretary of nadigar sangam will do more sensible films in the upcoming future

Tamil Actor Vikram Prabhu movies and result in 2016

Grand son of the great actor Chevaaliyar Sivaji Ganeshan. Usually, picks very different plot lines from the movie to movie. Kumki, Arima Nambi, Sigaram thodu are of that catagory. But his recent movies like Veera sivaji and Wagah were not of that type. Being hyped for his performance in movie Kumki Tamil people expecting more from this young man who is Ilaiya thilagam’s son.

Tamil Actor G.V.Prakash Kumar movies and result in 2016

Starting his career as a music-director and turning into singer and now became a actor who has acted just for fun and laugh films of Tamil cinema. But having only double meaning dialogues, and having two heroines in each movie won’t help all the times. GVP should choose plots which given character importance to stand as a good actor in Tamil cinema field.

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