26 December 2016

Director Suraj Speech and payback from Tamil Actress Nayantara

Tamil Actress Nayantara
   Director Suraj Speech and payback from popular Actress
Tamil movie Maruthamalai, Thalainagaram , padikathavan fame director Suraj recently directed movie Kaththi sandai. Vishal starter Kaththi Sunday movie released last week running in theaters. Directer Suraj attended an interview recently for the promotion. In that interview, He was questioned why did heroines in his movies were used more glamorous and very dressed in Obscenity way.

                       His Reply for that question was so shocking. He replied heroines are getting paid in Crores and so they are not supposed to appear fully clad on screen.Heroines should make low-class audiences happy by wearing glamorous costumes.He further said Let heroines show their acting abilities in any other ways, When it comes to commercial films, they are paid only to provide the required glamours to the audience. This statement Sparked controversy among many. As a director his statement makes the actress who is all worked in his previous movies makes shamed.  After his speech got noticed a popular actress who never lends her the voice for her movie promotion gives voice for her co-actress in Tamil cine industries.

                                                               Its none other than Tamil Actress Nayanthara. She gives her replied that How can a responsible person from film industry make such a crass and cheap comment?  Does he think that heroines are strippers who will come and shed their clothes just because they are paid money? Will he dare to speak such things about working women in his family? A heroine wears skimpy clothes in commercial cinema only if she is comfortable and the script requires it. And Our audiences who look up to film stars are far more mature and respects women more than Suraj does. And by making such comments that heroines take money to shed clothes, he is misleading the youngsters who will think this is what happens in cinema.
                                                                     This bold and aggressive reply from Nayanthara was appreciated all over from netizens. As an actress, Her speech was correct and straight forward. As the director, his speech feels many feminist and onliners so bad and angry. As from reliable source said Director Suraj delivers his apologies for his speech.
Anyway Degrading an actress or a woman is simply avoidable one and also should not repeat at any cost. This may be Promotional one for his movies but the statement is good for him.

Thank you from Vishal.

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