01 December 2016

What is the Reason for death of Tamil Actress Saparna and Rekha Mohan?

What is the Reason for death of Tamil Actress Saparna and Rekha Mohan?

The death of the two serial actress had made the whole south Indian film industry outraging , One is Tamil serial actress Saparna Anandh from Chennai and other one is Rekha Mohan from trissur, kerala .They both were found dead from their apartments The true reason behind their death is not known till now but there is mystery behind their deaths. Both of them are lived alone in appartments . While Discussing with some of the artists from television serial industry and film industry about these issues, the information that they had shared are really shocking and these problems are need to be noticed and importance of finding remedies to those are understood.

Reason for Tamil actress Saparna and Rekha Mohan Death

Forcing parents a reason to solitude : One of the main reasons for the death of Tamil Serial Actress Saparna and for the young artists those having these suicide attitudes is mainly due to the stress given by their parents and their strict rules and restrictions even from their initial stage.Once they become popular parents are screwing them instead of letting free. Focusing only on monetary benefits they have forget about caring them. Besides doubting the male co-artists who are all with them in their acting profession. At times the decisions that are taken by the parents on their own changes into compulsion. In order to avoid that pressure they decide to live alone leaving their parents temporarily. The next level of problem started from here said the popular serial actress but not willing to reveal that.

Mist yet to clear: No matter how professional the cini world and mini screens has the major problem with the young female artists are abuse. Granting laptops , iPhones to those who helping them in getting chance and offering some amount of money from their income after getting chance is a common thing that many young male artists are doing now a days. Accepting something as gift from someone for a favour may be avoided by only few. The abuses are still continuing as uncleared mist. These type of issues have less effect on those who are under parents keen supervision and those from strong background.

Guilt and Lack of confidence: Those female artists living alone at one stage regret that their parents and relations are interested only on their income. This makes them feel depressed.Believing that the world is getting dark and life has gone they stressing themselves more ,even without sharing their problems with anyone. To get rid of this they are addicted to drugs and alcohol too. this hardly affect their growth, said a popular serial director.

Missed counseling: Late Sabarna anandh was a self-confident,strong woman who was always ready in giving psychological opinions to others was hardly in need of counseling is bitter hidden fact. The actors association during the period under Vijayakanth leadership had a plan about giving psychological counseling to actor and actress has not yet implemented. Those who are monitoring this field feels that there is need to educate about handling rapid fame and sophistications from their abundant income. Hereafter if cine field wants to avoid these types of deaths the environment needs some healthy alterations. True professionalism must be formed. The actor and actress with problems must be helped by their friends, parents and co artists cautiously. Support from nearer will always best medicine for stress suicides.

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