07 November 2016

Tamil movie Kodi - Casts and crew, Story line and Review

Tamil movie Kodi - Dhanush
n this page of Tamil Cinema Bio, we shall look about Tamil movie Kodi, including its Casts and crew, Story Line and Review with complete details;

Tamil movie Kodi - Casts and Crew:

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Dhanush ( Dual role )

Main Female Actors ( Heroins ) - Tamil actress Trisha and Anupama Parameshwaran

Other actors in Tamil movie Kodi :

Tamil actress Saranya Pon Vannan, Sachu, Tamil actors Kali venkat, Vijaya Kumar, Karunas and other famous actors.

Tamil movie Kodi Story Line:

We know Politics has mostly crooked face. But Tamil movie Kodi shows how silent and crooked it is. Tamil actor Dhanush and Dhanush are twins born to an innocent party worker. One among the two become the politician and other become a lecturer. Politician Dhanush loves Tamil actress Trisha , who is also a politician of opposite party. Even though they belong to different parties, they love each other privately ( happens ). Dhanush is basically good-hearted , but get drowned into the dirty and crooked politics, he also become violent and cunning. The Tamil movie Kodi shows politics happening inside the same political party.

Trisha and Dhanush in Tamil movie Kodi
Tamil movie Kodi - Review:
We should appreciate Thrisha for her brilliant role both as a lover of Dhanush as well as cunning politician. She gets high posts with in her party and gradually comes to the top to the level of a MP.
At one point she is addicted to power and gets forced to do cruel things. She has hold the role good but in some scenes, we come to feel that the role is big but Tamil actress Trisha struggles to carry and it is proven by long shots given while Trisha delivers her dialogue.

The second younger Dhanush and his transformation scenes are rocking in the theater screen in the second half. All actors including politician Chandrashekar , Vijayakumar , Saranya have done well.
Good editing , good screen play , though scenes are predictable , we never feel boring. Overall good attempt. Not felt boring. Definitely watchable once. I want to give more than passmark.

Better Late than Never on the screens

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