Tamil movie Kavalai Vendam - Casts and Crew, Story line and Complete Review

Tamil movie Kavalai Vendam - Casts and Crew, Story line and Complete Review:

Jeeva and Kajal Agarwal in Tamil movie Kavalai Vendam
In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio, we shall look about one of the latest Tamil movies, Kavalai Vendam in which Tamil actor Jeeva, Tamil actress Kajal Agarwal have acted under the direction of Deekay. We shall look with the SubTitles such as Tamil movie Kavalai Vendam Casts and Crew, Story line  and Tamil movie Kavalai Vendam Complete Review. 

Tamil movie Kavalai Vendam Casts and Crew:

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil Actor Jeeva , 

Main female Actor ( Heroin ) - Tamil Actress Kajal Agarwaal , 
Comedians in Tamil moivie Kavalai Vendam - Tamil comedian R.J.Balaji, Mayil Saamy

Other actor in Tamil movie Kavalai Vendam - Tamil actor Bobby Simha, Bala Saravanan and others.

Music : Tamil cinema music director Leon James

Cinematography : Abinandan

Producer of Tamil movie Kavalai Vendam : Elred kumar

Banner: RS infotainment

Direction : Deekay

Hi everyone,

Director Deekay who gave a surprise hit in 2014 through his debut movie Yaamiruka Bayame. Now joins hands with talented Tamil Cinema Actor Jeeva . The promotion of this movie is well said as new age Romantic Comedy so lets discuss how its works out in silver screen

Basic storyline of Tamil movie Kavalai Vendam:
Jeeva , Kajal agarwal, R.J.Balaji , Bala Saravanan are close friends from childhood . On one occasion Kajal agarwal and Jeeva gets married . On some misunderstanding Kajal agrwal refuse to live with Jeeva and arrange for her next marriage. So Tamil actress Kajal Agarwal ask to sign a mutual divorce with jeeva but Tamil Actor Jeeva ask to live as wife for 1 week to sign that divorce paper . If kajal agarwal accept it or not? . What happened to them ? Is rest of the story. 

Tamil movie Kavalai Vendam - Galatta Scene
Tamil movie Kavalai Vendam - Complete Review:
Main plus point of the movie is Comedy scenes . Director got success in handling adult comedies throughout movie. There is no vulgarity in that and completely enjoyed by youth audience. Especially police station comedy and boating Comedy is still a masterpiece in this movie.

Tamil Cinema Actor Jeeva gives his best in this movie. Tamil Actress Kajal Agarwal acted well but in some scene it shows some artifical especially in climax hospital scene. Dialog lipsink also average . main pillars of this movie is R.J.Balaji , Bala Saravanan,Mayilsaamy.

Tamil cinema comedian Mayilsaamy does a great job throughout the film. R.j.Balaji and Balasaravanan combination makes laughter loudly in theatres. Tamil Cinema Actor Bobby Simha and Tamil actress Sunaina roles are just extended Cameo.

As this movie mainly targeted Youth audience. Family audience cant engage with movies especially ladies , kids can avoid it. Directer mainly focus on comedies forget the story of the movie the last 15 minutes movie dragged the audience to enjoyable level to bored level. Music not upto the mark and cinematography is very pleasent and colourfull.

Totally Tamil Movie Kavalai Vendam is one time watchable jolly adult ride. Enjoy it in theaters near.

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