Tamil movie Kadavul Irukan Kumaru ( KIK ) - Casts and Crew; Story line and Complete Review

Tamil movie Kadavul Irukan Kumaru ( KIK ) - Casts and Crew; Story line and Complete Review

Casts and crew of Tamil movie Kadavul Irukan Kumaru ( KIK ): G.V.prakash, aananthi, nikki kalkrani, R.J.Balaji, Prakashraj
Music: G.V.Prakash
Cinematograph: shakthi saravanan
Produced in banner: Amma creations - T . Shiva
Direction: M.Rajesh

For tamil cinema directors giving a full length comedy movie and making it hit is very tough job. Tamil cinema director M.Rajesh is very well expert in that giving three blockbuster movies back to back . For first time he leaves his comfort zone Tamil comedy actor Sandanam and joins hands with R.J.Balaji and also with Tamil music director cum actor G.V.Prakash kumar . Lets see how the movie is.
The basic storyline of Tamil movie Kadavul irukaan Kumaru is kumar ( Tamil actor G.V.Prakash kumar) gets engaged with priya ( Tamil actress Nikki kalkrani ) have a plan to bachelors party in pondycheri with his friend balaji( R.J.Balaji) 2 days before his marriage. After that party next day they got busted by Inspector Manimaran ( Tamil actor prakash raj) and his police assistants ( Robo shanker and singam puli). Then what happened to him ? How did he attends his marriage? Why did he get breakup with his ex lover nancy ( aananthi)? is so called story of this movie.

The one and only positive and enjoyable thing in this full movie is R.J.balaji. His one lines and comedy Dialogues makes theatre to enjoy well. The spoof of popular tamil t.v. reality show ( better see the movie whats that show is) is one segment makes laugh more comparing to other scenes.

The so called comedy movie is mainly failes in comedy scenes. Most of the comedy scene irritates the audiance to the level where audience starts cries. G.V.Prakash who still needs to improves his acting, dance and everything. In some place his acting shows as overacting . Nothing much to say about romance scenes and leading actress of this movie . Some most talented actors like Tamil actor Prakash raj , Tamil actress aishwarya and kovai sarala , Tamil actors Robo shankar and singam puli all are wasted and used only to full fill the frame of scenes .

Tamil movie director M.Rajesh should answer some question asked by the audiance in theaters. whats the reason behind using horror segment and song in between . The song placement in the movie is so bad and the conversion about christian and hindu religious is something not related to the main theme of the story.

From the view of technical aspect movie is below average comparing to previous movies of Tamil movie director M.Rajesh and Tamil actor G.v.Prakash. songs are not upto the mark.what happens to G.V.P . The shocking thing in movie is censor board gives complete U even though there is so much double meaning dialogues , item number song .

The overall movie is below average and mainly depends on Tamil movie actor R.J.Balaji .

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