Reason why Tamil Actress Amala Paul got divorce from Taml cinema director A L Vijay

Nowadays there are a lot of Divorces have been happening in between Tamil cinema in increased numbers because of mis understandings. In those cases, one of the most talked couples in Tamil Cinema is Tamil Actress Amala Paul and Tamil cinema director A L Vijay. There were a lot of unmatching gossips and rumors have been going in Social media by mentioning some celebrities names and they are the reason for the divorce of Amala Paul and A L Vijay. Now, Tamil Actress Amala Paul has opened up her mouth on why she got divorce from the director A L Vijay.

Reason for Tamil Actress Amala Paul with Tamil cinema Director A L Vijay - said by Amala Paul:

The reason why Amala Paul got divorce is as follows, Amala Paul said that she came to act in cinemas when she was 18 years of age. Then she got married in the age of 23 and she has come to end of her married life in the age. Amala paul said that the reason for her divorce is nothing but she got married in the age of 23 which is very small age for marriage. Also Amala Paul added that there was no one to advice her what is right and what is not. So she has taken wrong decision. Also Amala Paul concluded that she has learned a lot in her life.

General reason for Amala Paul divorce from A L Vijay:

One of the most general reasons for the divorce nowadays is mis understanding. The core reason behind the mis understanding is balancing between work load and family responsibilities.  When the time comes to decide one out of work and love, many are choosing Work and money rather than love and family. So this is the most common reason for many divorces not only for celebrities but also for common people in the society.
Tamil actress Amala Paul Birthday Celebration photos

Ego is reason behind Amala Paul divorce?

Most of the working women have this question in mind that why should i leave my job after marriage? This is also a reason should be accepted by men that there is not much men are ready in our society to leave their job or to get transfer in their work because of his wife's profession. Like this kind of basic reasons for ego peep in the relationship between wife and husband and the same some times moved them till applying for divorce too. So this might also have happened between Tamil actress Aamala Paul and A L Vijay.

After divorce, the director A L Vijay has got engaged with his movie Devi and made it block buster also. On the other hand Amala Paul has been doing some photo shoots and the latest buzz about her is that she is the heroin in Tamil upcoming movie VIP 2 ( Velai Illa Pattadhaari - Part 2 ). Also she celebrated her birthday after divorce.

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