12 November 2016

Profile and Biography of Tamil Cinema actress / Vijay TV actress Saparna

Tamil serial actress Saparna is one of the famous Serial actress in Tamil TV Channels Serials such as Sun TV, Vijay TV etc., also she is very famous for her anchoring in many TV Programs in Vijay TV and other TV channels.
Tamil serial actress Saparna School Photo

Tamil Cinema, TV Serial actress Saparna - Biography:

Tamil serial actress saparna was born in Coimbatore which is one of the big cities in Tamilnadu.

Date of birth of Tamil actress Sabarna - 26 December 1990

Place of birth - Coimbatore

Daily payment / salary for acting in serials - 2000 INR to 10000 INR

Languages known by Tamil serial actress Saparna - Tamil, Telugu and English

Weight of Tamil serial actress saparna - 51 KG
Tamil serial actress Saparna facebook profile photo

Height - 5.5 Feets

Bad Habits with Tamil serial actress Saparna - Smoking and drinking

Marital Status - Single

Education of Tamil actress serial saparna - B.Tech

Date of death - 11 November 2016

Filmography of Tamil serial actress Saparna:

Tamil serial actress Saparna started her media career by acting in Tamil TV channel serials, anchorng and some other activities in TV channels. After getting fame in her appearance in many Tamil TV serials and TV shows, she got chances to act in number of Tamil cinemas such as Tamil movie Padikadhavan, Pirivom Sandhippom, Kaalai and Poojai etc.,

Tamil Serial Actress Saparna Modern Photo
In Tamil movie Padikadhavan comes as a side actress who is the friend of the heroin of the movie Tamil actress Tamanna Bhatia, In this movie Tamil serial actress Saparna has a lot of screen space to expose her acting performance. In Tamil movie Pirivom Sandhippom, Saparna acted as one of the friends of Tamil actress Sneha who acted pairing with Tamil actor Charan in that movie.

In Tamil movie Kaalai, Tamil actress Sabarna acted as one of the friends of Tamil actress Vedhika who acted as the heroin of that movie. In this movie also Saparna got screen space to share some dialogues in that movie. In Tamil movie Poojai, Saparna acted as one of the friends of Tamil actress Shruti Hassan who acted as the heroin of the movie.

Tamil serial actress Saparna - TV Serial Career

Apart from these above mentioned Tamil movies, Tamil serial actress saparna acted key roles in the Television serials such as - Hari Chandanam which is a Television serial in Malayalam language. Tamil serial in Vijay TV - Sondha Bandham. In the Tamil serial Sondha Bandham, Aparna acted as the main negative role and got a huge recognition among the Television serial viewers. The name of other Malayalam Television serial is Maya mohini.

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