Interesting intermission blocks / scenes of Tamil Cinema

Interesting intermission blocks / scenes of Tamil Cinema

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Best Interval Scenes / Blocks in Tamil Cinema
As per any language cinema fan ( including Tamil Cinema Fans ), intermission scene of a movie is very important . Intermission scene either will make audiences to tie with the seat or run out of a theater. In Tamil cinema industry intermission scene is taken as most important part of the movie. Even when the movie gets bored intermission scene of the movie will make the Tamil Cinema Audience sit till movie ends.

So now we are going see the most unforgettable / Interesting intermission scenes of Tamil cinema . Here we are not going rate the scenes; we will just see which intermission scene still lives in heart of Tamil cinema fans.

Interval Scene of Tamil Movie Baasha:

" innoru thadava unna intha pakkam pathen
Paatha edathulaye kuzhi thondi pothachruven"

Mother of all intermission scenes. Tamil Actor Superstar Rajinikanth starer blockbuster movie Baasha; this intermission scene is one of the best intermission scenes in Tamil cinema history. A soft nature manikkam turns into most violent Baasha in the fraction of second and beats every gangs as a solo man makes the Whole audience gets goosebumps in their hearts.

Interval Scene of Tamil Movie Thevar Magan:

Tamil movie Thevar Magan - Interval Scene
One of the emotional intermission scenes in Tamil cinema history. Tamil Actor Chevalier shivaji ganesan, Tamil Actor Ulaganayagan kamal haasan starer Thevar Magan intermission scene is one with a very unique style of intermission scenes. After the dead of shivaji ganesan, Tamil Actor Kamal hassan takes control of his power . Kamal hassan with youthful hairstyle changes completely into typical village head sequence makes everyone in the theater in emotional one. Still, no other movies give this impact on intermission scene .

Interval Scene of Tamil Movie Mankatha:

" money money money money" 

Tamil Movie Mangatha - Interval Scene
The most important movie in Tamil actor Thala Ajith kumar career and also his 50th movie . This intermission scene gives you ultimate goosebumps all of a sudden. Ajith kumar with help of 4 youngsters kidnaps a truck full of gambling money and plans to share equally. But Ajith kumar plans secretly to kill 4 of them and takes all the money with him. The scene showed as he plans with chess board and his negative shade opens up in that scene. Ajith kumar screen presence makes that scene impact in audience minds

Interval Scene of Tamil Movie Thuppaki:

" im waiting"

Tamil movie Thupaki - Interval Scene - Im waiting
This dialogue gives roars in theaters. Tamil Actor Ilayathalapathi Vijay and Tamil Cinema director A.R.Muragadoss first combination Thuppaki intermission scene brings audiences edge of the seat. Army officer Tamil Actor Ilayathalapathi Vijay kills sleeper cell terrorist at a same time in different locations with the help of his batch mates. Sleeper cell head calls him and warns him that " if i find you i will kill you" and ilayathalapathi vijay without any hesitation and fear simply reply him " i'm waiting ". This mass scene creates a curiosity and makes Audience to wait for second half

Interval Scene of Tamil Movie Singam 2:

The intermission scene from sequel of singam from tamil cinema director hari and Tamil actor surya will always remebered by their fans. Surya who plans to arrest one of the goons but arrest main villian without knowing him. This scene makes every one crazy in theaters. Surya's mass action and crispy screenplay make this intermission scene more mass .

Interval Scene of Tamil Movie Thani Oruvan:

Tamil movie Thani oruvan released last year directed by mohan raja elder brother of hero of that movie Tamil movie Jayam ravi. Thani oruvan one of the remarkable movie in tamil cinema history. Every tamil cinema fans will ever remember this movie intermission scene. Hero of the movie jayam ravi plans to stop the actual plan of antagonist aravind swamy who deals a medical scam . But aravind swamy overcomes all and succed his plan without knowing jayam ravi. Racy screenplay pulls audiance edge of the seat and nail bitting situation. Thani oruvan intermission shows the real mass of villian.

Interval Scene of Tamil Movie Mudhalvan:

Mudhalvan is one of the best movies of Tamil cinema director Shankar. Tamil Actor Arjun , Manisha Koirala and legendary actor Raguvaran starter movie contains interesting intermission scene. Raguvaran gives his Chief minister power to Arjun for one day . Arjun will analyse and arrest every one who involved in scam at last Arjun will arrest Raguvaran who will be chief minister for very next day. This scene will be surprise for every audience.

These are all samples of best of Some good intermission scenes. Some of the tamil movie had a best intermission scenes but these movies intermissions scenes will always remembered by tamil cinema fans. These intermission scenes are not rated as one will always better than other

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