Tamil cinema Comedian Vadivelu Comes back with Neruppu Da..

Tamil cinema Comedian Vadivelu Comes back with Neruppu Da..

The introduction video scene of Tamil comedian Vadivelu in his come back movie Kathi Sandai is with the back ground music of Neruppu da which was the back ground music used for Tamil actor Super Star Rajinikanth in his latest movie Kabali.
Tamil actor Vadivelu in Tamil movie Vadivelu

Tamil movie Kaththi sandai is the Upcoming Tamil movie for Tamil actor Vishal under the direction of Tamil cinema director Suraaj. In this movie Tamil actor Vishal has done the lead main male role ( Hero ), Tamil actress Tamanna has done the Main female role ( Heroin ). Apart from Vadivelu, Tamil cinema comedian Soori has also acted in the comedian role in this movie. For this movie Tamil cinema music director Hip Hop Tamizha has done music and the producer of this movie is Nanda Gopal.

Now the whole shooting of this movie has come to end and the finalizing works have been going on. The release date of Tamil movie Kaththi Sandai is November 18 as a bilingual, that Tamil movie Kaththi Sandai is releasing in another language also. The important thing here is the reentry of Tamil cinema comedian Vadivelu that he has come back to act as a comedian after 2011, even though Vadivelu was acting almost one movie per year these years after 2011, he was not acting as a comedian but only as a hero in movies which was almost disappointing for all the Tamil cinema audience.
Tamil actress Tamanna in Tamil movie
Kaththi Sandai

So this is the Tamil movie coming with vadivelu as comedian after his movie Mambatiyan which came in the year of 2011 with Tamil actor Prasanth. Additionally the Tamil movies like Marudha Malai, Thalai Nagaram those came in the combination of Tamil comedian Vadivelu and director Suraaj are in the comedy hit lists with huge reception in the midst of Tamil cinema comedy fans. So, this is a perfect come back movie for Tamil cinema comedian Vadivelu. The recent buzz about the Tamil movie Kaththi Sandai is that the intro scene of Vadivelu in this movie comes with the back ground music of Kabali 'Neruppu Da'. After finishing all the editing works, there were a discussion in the Casts and crew of the movie Kaththi Sandai whether the back ground music of Kabai suits Vadivelu or not and there were a confusion in fixing this back ground music, but finally the whole Casts and Crew of tamil movie Kaththi Sandai has decided to fix this music only and made  it.

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