Tamil Movie Joker - Casts and Crew, Story and Review

In this Page of Tamil Cinema Bio we shall look about Tamil movie Joker which has been getting positive comments from Reviewers and running successfully.
Tamil movie Joker Complete Review

Tamil movie Joker - Casts and Crew:

In Tamil movie Joker, the following actor, actresses have acted.

Main Casts of this movie are,

Tamil actor Guru Soma Sundaram

Tamil actress Ramya Pandian - Name of Character in the name is Maliga

Other Actor / actresses - Gayathri Krishna, Rama Samy and Baca Chella Durai

Direction - Raju Murugan

Producer - S R Prakash Babu and S R Prabhu

Music - Sean Roldan

Cinematography - Chezhiyan

Editing - Shunmugam Velusamy

Production Company - Dream Warrior Pictures

Date of Release is 12 August 2016

Tamil movie Joker - Story Line:

Tamil actor Soma Sundaram is living in a Village namely Reddy Patti which is in the Dharma Puri District and there is not even a Toilet in his house. But he considers himself as the Governor of India and going around. Soma Sundaram talks even with the Police Officers with the body language of a Governor. He protests for Public Problems and making orders by imagining himself as the governor of India. The Questions rising to the audience while watching the first half, such as Who is this Governor and all have been answered in the second half of the movie.

In the Second half of the movie, Who is this Governor and what are his problems and why he became as a Governor are shown that Soma Sundaram is working in a Private Water Company and his wife is Ramya. When Soma Sundaram happens to get married to Ramya, she says he will marry only if Soma Sundaram house has a Toilet. Using the Government Scheme, Soma Sundaram starts building Toilet for his house. After crossing the bribery of the Politicians, Soma Sundaram gets only the Toilet bowl in the process of building the whole Toilet.

After that what happened? How Soma Sundaram affected in his personnel life affected because of bribery of the nation? are the remaining story of the movie. The way how the director shows that only a man affected mentally due to his bad experience by the politics and bribery can imagine himself as the Governor of the country and conduct repeated Protest is relevant. The issues like, worst politics, stink bribes, bore well deaths and sand smuggling have become habit ed in the country, but still there are some people who stand up against these things and protest.

It is also obvious in our country that the people for whom these protests are struggling themselves are kidding the protesting people. For those who kidding, are taken in encounter in this movie is one of the things to be appreciated in this movie as this is completely a new concept in Tamil cinema.

Tamil movie Joker - Review:

Tamil movie Joker has some satire and a lot of angry on the politics. The Director of this movie Raju Murugan Should be appreciated for avoiding commercial things and focusing into this story line which has high social care. Actor Guru Soma Sundara has done only few selective roles so far in Tamil cinema, like Aaranya Gaandam, Jigarthanda and Kadal etc.,

If we should see few negative points about the movie, one of the weakness of the movie is the screen play, the movie looks moving very slow. Even though the core of the movie is about protesting for people rights and against the sins done on people, at a point the movie makes us to think that we are seeing the same scenes repeatedly and some scenes are so dramatic. The scenes like Governor comes into the town is so weak.

Some scenes in which how the crowd is gathered for political meetings and the showing the actual situation of small villages are so natural in the movie. The love track comes in the movie is so natural and beautiful.

The Casts are biggest plus of the movie, specifically the acting of Tamil actor Soma Sundaram, he has done a marvellous job in this movie as the main actor of the movie. The scenes to be highlighted are, Showing himself as Governor after getting broken heart, Crying loud in court and other scenes with his nice face re action and body language.

Herin Ramya who comes as a poor village girl has done her role good that she goes away from hero in the beginning and then comes closer to him with love.Another female actress Gayathri who comes as the lady who lost her husband because of Alcohol consumption has acted with simple appearance but with strong dialogue deliveries.  The character of Tamil actor Mu. Ramasamy has done genuine acting for his role as a man who has protest as his life. Tamil actor Chella Durai who spreads forward thoughts on the go also has done his part well and good.

In the writing of Tamil cinema director Raju Murugan and Murugesh Babu like the dialogues - when a Jewellery shop owner makes revolution, why a governor should not make the revelution? and we are not asking for Sagayam, we are asking to be like Sagayam are Top class lashes. The work of other technicians like, Music, dialogue, cinematography are very big plus points for the movie. The beauty of village nature are captured well by the cinematographer Chezhiyan. The Back ground music of the movie done by Shan Rolden gives additional strength to all the scenes and the music for the video song Chellamma is a repeat mode class.

Over all, Joker is another Eye opener film from director Raju Murugan. The movie Joker, conveys a very strong content in a sharp way but it is not sure to say that the Crew has won in conveying the content as a movie. But the content taken for this movie and the way how the content is delivered should be appreciated.

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