04 June 2016

Tamil movie Iraivi - Casts and Crew, Story Line and Review

In this page of Tamil Cinema, we shall look about Tamil movie Iraivi under the direction of Tamil cinema Director Karthi Subbu Raj with multi star acting that Tamil actors S J Surya, Vijay Sethu Pathy and Bobby Simha with the music of Tamil cinema director Santhosh Narayanan.

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Iraivi:
Tamil movie Iraivi - Review, Story - Casts and Crew

Actors  - Tamil actors Vijay Sethu Pathy, S J Surya, Bobby simha, Radha Ravi, Karuna Karan, Cheenu Mohan and others

Actresses - Tamil actresses Anjali, Kamalini Mukherji, Pooja Devariya, Vadivukarasi and others.,

Director - Tamil cinema Director Karthik Subbu Raj

Producer - C V Kumar

Music - Tamil cinema Music Director Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography - Tamil cinema Camera Man Siva Kumar Vijayan

Editing - Tamil cinema Editor - Vivek Harshan

Name of Production Banner is Thiru Kumaran Entertainment

Released Date of Tamil movie Iraivi is 03 June 2016 - Friday

Story Line of Tamil movie Iraivi:

The basic Story Line of Tamil movie Iraivi is about the life of Three Men ( S J Surya, Vijay Sethu Pathy and Bobby Simha ) and their activities and the effects of those activities that is, how those activities are affecting the life, mentally and physically the Women ( Tamil actress Anjali and KAmali Mukherji ).

Tamil movie Iraivi Review:

The very first positive thing existing in this movie is the artists for the respective characters selection that the actors and actresses, have acted in this movie with their full efforts and matching with the roles of the movie perfectly. The Story base and the Characterization are standing behind every heavy scenes in the movie as back bone. All the technical things of the movie such as Cinematography, Editing and Music are well and good fit with the movie flow. The script is so deep that the script directly and in directly covers the complete characterization with complete analysis even it covers the previous generation of the characterization.

The positive points of Tamil movie Iraivi are, the out standing Screen Presence and acting of Tamil actor S J Surya and casual acting of Vijay Sethu Pathy and innocent acting and look of Tamil actress Anjali and Strong Screen Play with a lot of Super Scenes ( Iraivi ). The remarkable acting performance of S J Surya in the Climax scene with mixed emotions. Next is the characterization and nice follow up till the end of movie. Every frame in this movie has got scope for every actors to act and gives us the audience different and nice Movie Watching experience.

There are a lot of in direct story lines in this movie  and I would give you an example here that the Father and Grand Father of one of the male characters who are Christians in this movie are Sculptor of Hindu Statues called as Iraivi. This is not only the indirect story line of the movie but there are some other stories behind the movie those are explored indirectly with Dialogues and Screen Play. The technical things, specially the music of Santhosh Narayanan has helped to display the strong scenes in the movie and get completely different experience to the audience. Even though there are no much twists and turns in the screen play, still the characterization gets the audience on the edge of the seat with a lot of curiosity on analysis about the characters more and more.

So is Iraivi simply a movie with Characterizations? Big NO. the mass scenes comes naturally; Laughter comes naturally and all emotions are attached with the Script of the movie and comes out without any artificial addition.

So the verdict is, this is one of the great movies in Tamil cinema for sure and will be spoken more in near future with expected award numbers too and a sure entertainer.

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