Tamil actress Nayantara met Pope and got blessed - Converted back to Christianity?

All of us knew that the birth date of Tamil Actress Nayantara is on 18th November and this year ( 2015 ) Nayantara passes her 31st age. Tamil actress Nayantara is a pure christian by birth, that the original name of Nayantara is Diana Mariam Kurraian and she was brought up in a christian malayalee family. As a special in this birth day, Nayantara went straight away to Vatikan to meet the current pope of the Roman Catholic Church of Rome in Vatican City namely Pope Francis and got blessings.
Tamil actress met Pope Francis - Converted back as Christian??

Tamil actress Nayantara got introduced into Tamil cinema with her movie Ayya under the direction of Hari in which Tamil actor Sarath Kumar did the major role, In that movie, Nayantara starred Oru Vaarthai solla - song got very famous in Tamil Cinema. Followed by that movie, Nayantara got chance to act in Tamil movie Chantramukhi in which Tamil actor Super Star Rajnikanth did the main role. Just like all the heroins who act with Rajnikanth, Nayantara also went to the peak level famous in Tamil cinema. After that, Nayantara got many hit movies in Tamil like, Ghajini, Billa, Yaradi Nee Mohini etc.,

During the love affair with Tamil cinema actor cum director Prabu Deva, Nayantara converted herself from Christian orthodox to a Hindu girl during the year 2011. After break up from Prabu Deva, Nayantara made her re entry in Tamil cinema in the year 2013 and she has got back her No. 1 position among Tamil cinema actresses and has been giving continuous hit movies like, Thani Oruvan, Naanum Rowdy Dhan etc.,

With these back ground, in the birthday of Nayantara 2015, she has gone to meet Pope Francis and got blessings. Some media has been stating that Nayantara has converted her religion again to Christian from Hindu too.

The upcoming movies of Tamil cinema actress Nayantara are. Kashmora in which she pairs up with Tamil actor Karthi under the direction of Gokul; Tamil movie Thirunaal in which Nayantara pairs up with Tamil Actor Jeeva and Tamil movie Idhu Namma Aalu in which Nayantara paired with Tamil actor Silambarasan STR which holds the release date on January 14 of 2016.

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