Tamil movie Papanasam Review

Tamil actor Kamal Hassan in Tamil movie Papanasam
Tamil movie Papanasam - Casts and Crew :

Main male actor of Tamil movie Papanasam - Tamil actor Kamal Hassan

Main female actor of Tamil movie Papanasam - Tamil actress Gauthami

Villain - Tamil actress Asha Sarath

Other supporting actors in Tamil movie Papanasam - Kalabavan Mani, Shanti Williams, M S Baskar, Ilavarasu, Charle, Vaiyapuri and others.

Tamil movie Papanasam - Story and review:

Usually when you consider a Tamil actor Kamal Hassan movies, you could see a trace of the man in all aspects of the movie. Be it music, lyric writing, cinematography or editing, it never gets done and dusted without Kamal hassan adding the final spices to it. We could literally sense the so called Tamil actor Kamal Hassan touch in all the aspects, irrespective of the director of Tamil movie Papanasam. Papanasam is definitely not one such film. It is a movie very well written and directed by Jeethu Joseph and Kamal Hassan has just played his part as an actor.

Coming to the plot of the movie Papanasam, it is one of those rare plots which just brims with elements which people could relate easily. Kamal Hassan as Suyambulingam is an ordinary local cable TV operator. The story of Tamil movie Papanasam takes a lot of time initially just to let the audiences get into the character of Suyambulingam. We slowly get to know his family, his mates and eventually his life style. By the end of the first 45 minutes, we know each and every details on the lead character. We know everything right from his fondness towards "Cuticura" talcum powder and his trademark curling of a single hair. That's the brilliance of the director. It's one of those films that has excellent characterization.

After doing enough characterization, the director slowly places his lead characters in a situation, a crisis actually and Tamil movie Papanasam is all about how the character responds. 

What works well in the movie, is the narrative, the way the story is let to unfold. Usually a writer is tempted to narrate these kind of plots non linearly using a lot of flash backs and flash fronts, just to increase the suspense factor. But Jeethu Joseph has abruptly controlled his writer instincts and just employed a simple narrative structure. As a result of this, the audience are let to just swim along with the characters.

Another advantage of the beautiful characterization is that, the expected cathartic factors works incredibly well. Tamil movie Papanasam is a story where the hero indeed pays back, but not by his fists, instead the hero pays back with his wits and shear brilliance. It makes the audience grit their teeth and clench their fists when the lead characters are hit and tortured. And even the numbest of hands experience goosebumps when they pay back. Especially, the scene where the cops dig up Suyambulingam's house and end up getting something else. The stare that Kamal gives is just phenomenal. It was a truly a - wow factor.

You need a darker ambience to experience the brightness of a light. That is what Kalbhavan Mani does exactly in the movie. He just maintains a dark ambience throughout the movie and it gets even darker in the second half of the movie. And this has largely helped the movie. It is the darkness of Constable Perumal (Kalabhavan Mani) that makes Suyambulingam shine even brighter.

Finally, to conclude, Papanasam is not actually a remake of Drishyam. Kamal Hassan, the actor has actually recreated the magic. Do watch in theaters.

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