Tamil movie Indru NEtru Naalai - Casts and Crew, Story and Complete Review

Tamil movie Netru Indru Naalai - Casts and Crew:

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal

Main female actor ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Miya George
Tamil movie Indru Netru Naalai 2015 - part 1

Main comedy actor - Tamil actor Karuna Karan

Villain - Tamil actor Sai Ravi

Other supporting actors - Tamil actor Jaya Prakash, Tamil actor T. M. Karthik, Anupama kumar, Bagavathi Perumal, V I S Jeya Palan and V S Raghavan

Tamil actor Arya has done a cameo appearance in this movie as the inventor of the Time machine.

Director - R Ravikumar

Producer - C V Kumar and Gnanavel Raja,

Release date - 26 June 2015

Tamil movie Netru Inru Naalai - Story:

The movie begins with a scene happens in the year 2065, that Tamil actor Arya who lives in the year 2065 is inventing a time machine and to prove his invention to his professor, he sends the time machine to the year 2015 and he sets the time machine to come back to 2065 in 10 seconds and if the time machine fails to return from the past ( 2015 ) to the present ( 2065 ), the time machine will get blasted by the chemical bomb attached with the machine. But in this experiment, the machine fails to come back in the 10 seconds fixed by Arya.

Then the story of the movie Netru Indru Naalai moves describing the characters of the film, like, Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal who has done the role of an youngster who does not like to work under some management and to start a business of his own and he has been trying to get business loan with his innovative ideas. Then the friend of Vishnu vishal, Tamil comedy actor Karunakaran who is a astrologist does not know much about astrology. Then the heroin of the movie, Mia George whose father is one of the biggest businessmen in the city.

As Vishnu vishal loves Tamil actress Mia George, her father asks her about the profession of vishnu vishal and Mia happens to lie to her father that Vishnu is a great Share market consultant. So, father of Tamil actress Mia George calls Vishnu vishal to his office and asks him to lecture a group of businessmen about the prediction of Share market, but vishal Vishnu fails to do that and get ashamed in front of the mob of businessmen.                                                        

After the great insult, Vishal Vishnu gets hot drink and mets with an accident. The time machine sent by Arya reaches the accident place and Vishnu Vishal happens to see that time machine with T M Karthik who is basically a scientist. So, with the help of T M KArthik, Vishal Vishnu identifies the time machine, and T M Karthik explains Vishnu Vishal about what is Time machine and some other basic information about the time machine. Then, how the time machine was used in the year 2015 and what difference made by the time machine in the life of Vishnu Vishal, Mia George and her father are the remaining story of the movie Indru Netru Naalai.

Tamil movie Indru Netru Naalai - Complete Review:

The movie Indru Netru Naalai has brought the time machine concept into Tamil cinema industry for the very first time. The way how the director of this movie, K Ravikumar is quite interesting, that he has explained about the Time machine concept in a very simple way explained through the scientist T M Karthik character. As the director has not come into explain about the Time machine in very technical and detailed, it was more than enough for us the audience to enjoy this interesting movie. Even though this is a fantasy movie, the logic are kept in positive way. There is no way for the audience to assume what will happen as next in the movie.
Tamil movie Indru netru naalai 2015 - part 1 casts and crew
Music is a plus for this movie, that Hip hop Tamizha was known for his noisy music only, in their previous movie, Aambala, but this tim e, the music has come together with the movie and has been a positive for this movie. The music, cinematography, art direction and CG have worked together in the scenes where the time machine gets expanded and the same wrinkles. When we talk about the casts performance, acting of Tamil actor vishnu vishal is so casual and travels with the travel of the movie as himself and Karunakaran are covering the most spaces of the movie.

Over all, the movie is a great move for the Tamil cinema is a truth and this kind of movies shall be supported by the Tamil cinema fans.

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