Tamil actor Bobby Simha is going to do Secret love marriage with Tamil actress Reshmi !!

Tamil actor Bobby Simha love story with Tamil actress
The current buzz in Tamil cinema is that Tamil actor Bobby SImha and Tamil actress Reshmi who have been acting together for the Tamil movie Urumeen are in love and they are going to get secret marriage soon. but this information is just believed to be a gossip and no truth in that as none of those two, Bobby Simha or Reshmi have opened their mouth so far. This gossip will remain as gossip only till any of Bobby or Reshmi opened their mouth and give explanation about this issue.

Tamil actor Bobby Simha was introduced into cinema industry through short films and then he moved to Feature films through his debut film, Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi directed by Tamil cinema director Balaji Mohan and then gradually improved his career through the fine movies like, Pizza, Neram etc., On the other hand, Tamil actress Reshmi was introduced in the Tamil movie Inidhu Inidhu and she has very limited number of movies in his career that she has acted just only 3 movies overall. The acting performance of Tamil actress Reshmi in her debut movie Inidhu Inidhu was appreciated by Tamil cinema fan.

Tamil actress Reshmi love
story with Tamil actor Bobby Simha
When Tamil actor Bobby Simha talked about this gossip of him with Tamil actress Reshmi is, he does not have any love affair with anyone. After Tamil movie Jigarthanda, Bobby Simha believes that there is high expectations about him in the way of performance and in which kind of movies Bobby Simha is going to act in future etc., So Bobby Simha expressed his interest that he has only one goal and it is to give good movies to the people and nothing else. When the interviewer stressed the point and asked whether the gossip going on by joining Bobby SImha and Reshmi is true or not? he explained that he does not even know what is the reason behind the gossip and he has no idea about this love come secret love story of Bobby Simha with Reshmi has no bases behind it.

When Tamil actress Reshmi spoke about this gossip of her marriage with Bobby Simha, he has said that her aim is also to get the Tamil movie Urumeen successfully and to give a lot more successful movies ahead in Tamil cinema only and when it was asked why she did not even announced her refusal for this gossip is, there is no use of announcing refusal announcement against this kind of rumors about the marriage of Tamil actress Reshmi and even if she is announcing so, teh reporters may spread out that announcement as a new rumor which may get the situation worse. But still, it is not known why Tamil actress Reshmi did not refuse the gossip about her marriage and love with Tamil actor Bobby Simha.

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