10 July 2015

Tamil dubbed movie Bahubali - Casts and Crew, Story and Complete Review

Bahubali poster tamil

Tamil dubbed movie Bahibali - Casts and Crew:

Main male actor ( Hero )- actor Prabhas - Character name Amarendra Bahubali

Main negative male actor ( Villain ) - Tamil actor Rana Daggubatti - Character name Palvaal Thevan

Main female actress ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Tamannah Bhatia - Character name Anantika

Tamil actress Anushka Shetty - Character name Devasena

Other actors in Tamil movie Bahubali:

Tamil actor Nasser - Character name Pingala Thevan

Tamil actor Satya Raj - Character name Kattappa

Tamil actress Ramya Krishnan - Character name Sivagaami

Tamil actor Sudeep - Character name Aslam Khan

Tanikella Bharani

Tamil actress Rohini

Rakesh Varre and others

Tamil dubbed movie Bahubali - Story:

The movie start with a scene in which Tamil actress Ramya Krishnan runs by carrying a child with an arrow thrown on her back to a water falls. Somebody are coming behind her to kill her and the child. Then she prays to the mountain by assuming it as the lord Shiva to save that child and she dies. Then Tamil actress Rohini who lives in the village which is under that water falls takes that child and grows it up as she does not have a child even after crossing many years after marriage. That child grows up as Prabhas who has an extra ordinary power when comparing with other normal people. After grown up as an youngster, Prabhas desires to get on to that mountain of that water falls and he fails for many times to climb up on that mountain.
Tamil actress Anushka Shetty for Bahubali

One day, when Prabhas tries to climb up on that mountain, he sees the face of Tamil actress Tamannah bhatia as an angel. So, he decides that Tamannah should be on that mountain only and reaches the top of that water falls with hard work. When he reaches the top of that mountain, he gets a surprise that there is a big town exists on the top of that mountain and the town is under the control of Tamil actor Rana Daggubatti who has Tamil actor Nasser as the bishop and Satya Raj as the war force commander.

Tamil actress Tamannah bhatia is like the leader for the group which tries to get Rana Daggubatti down from the king crown as he treats the people of that town as slaves. Those people in that group also tries to get Anushka Shetty free as she has been tied off with steel chains. As Prabhas does not know about these things, he keeps on flirting with Tamannah Bhatia.
The climax of Tamil dubbed movie Bahubali is revealing the questions like, did Pabhas knew what he is or not? What is the relation between Prabhas and Anushka Shetty? Did Tamannah set the people of the town free from the Tyranny rule of Rana or not?

Tamil dubbed movie Bahubali - Complete Review:

Each and every characterization of this movie is classy with the direction of S S Raja Mouli, that we the audience can not image how tough each and every character of this movie could be. The artists who have played also have realized the importance of their role in the movie and done their great efforts. Prabhas has come on to the screen as a paladin who is shining as an aggressive youngster with special power, especially in the mountain climbing scenes and the war sequences. Tamil actor Rana Daggubatti who is the Tyranny king of the town has done his equal efforts like how Prabhas has done.

Bahubali poster
Tamil actress Tamannah Bhatia has come on the screen as a beautiful women with angelic appearance in the scenes when PRabhas flirting with her and the mountain face seeing scenes. On the other hand,  Tamannah has come as an action heroin in the second half of the movie. Anushka has come as a lady tied with iron chains in the first half of Bahubali with dirty saree and shown the audience the troubles of a lady who is chained and locked up also she has expressed her acting talent by the way of aggressive dialogues in this movie.

Nasser and Sathya Rajhave acted outstanding that the audience can not even recognize that they are Nasser and Sathya Raj actually by look and performance. The character of Nasser in Tamil dubbed movie Bahubali has the specialty of him with cunning activities. The character of Sathyaraj is having loyalty on the king and at the same time he has pity on the people of the town too. The character of Ramya Krishnan is a different and powerful one similar kind of her role in Tamil movie Padayappa.

The director of this movie S S Raja Mouli has visualized a lot of things we can even never imagine. The Computer Graphics effects in this movie are so natural and with completeness. The director has handled each and every artists too. The war scenes in Tamil dubbed movie Bahubali are the peak level excitement for the audiences. Also, the scenes like, mountain climbing by PRabhas and the scene of the statue getting on its leg with the help of the slavery people are suitable example for the perfection of the CG effects in Bahubali.

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