10 June 2015

No Language needed to see Rajini’s Film – says Nasirudheen Shah!

Three National Award winning Director Nasirudheen Shah, has acted in a stage drama named as Einstein last Sunday. When he spoke regarding this he told that this drama Einstein is a short form of Einstein’s life.

Words of Bollywood actor Nasurudin Shah about Rajnikanth
Nasurudheen Shah is one of the biggest Bollywood actors who has done the main villain roles in the movies like, Krish, Chaahat etc., he has won number of Filmfare awards and 3 number of National awards. 

It seems that the role as Einstein was a challenge one for National Award winner Nasirudeen Shah itself. Language is the most challenging thing in this drama Einstein. He will speak in Germany. I had a situation to talk Germany without any mistake. It was hard for me to do this said Nasirudeen Shah.

Tamil actor Rajinikanth

When a question was raised to Nasuridheen Shah whether he has watched Tamil Movies? he replied, He has not seen Tamil Films because he does not know Tamil. But Nasurudeen Shah mentioned that he has watched some of the Tamil actor Rajini Khanth’s movies. There is no language needed to understand his movies. I would like to see the Tamil movie OK Kanmani directed by Manirathnam.

It is quite interesting to know that a super bollywood actor like Nasureen Shah is aware of our Super Star Rajnikanth and also aware about the quality of the movies of Tamil cinema director Mani Rathnam.

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