Tamil movie Kakka Muttai - Casts and Crew, Complete review and story

Tamil movie Kaakka Muttai - Casts and Crew:

Main male actors - Master Vignesh and Master Ramesh ( Periya Kaaka Muttai, Chinna Kaaka Muttai )

Main female actor - Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajesh ( Mother of Chinna kaaka muttai and Periya Kaaka Muttai )

Tamil movie Kaaka Muttai Images / stills
Supporting actors - Joe Mallori ( as Pazharasam ), RJ Thilak, Babu Antony, Yogi Babu, Krishna Moorthy,
Cameo appearance - Tamil actor Silambarasan / STR /  Simbu

Music director - G V Prakash Kumar

Director - Mani Kandan

Producers - Tamil actor Dhanush and director Vetri Maaran

Production - Wunderbar films and Grass Root Film company

Cinematography - Manikandan

Editor - Kishore Te.,

Release date - 05 September 2015 ( released in Toronto International Film festival )

Movie length of Kaaka Muttai - 109 Minutes

Tamil movie Kaaka Muttai - Story line:

To say the story of the movie Kaaka muttai is, the movie is how two kids with age around 12 and 8 respectively, living in a slum of Chennai is sitting in a pizza hut and tasting the pizza.

The movie starts with telling the back ground of the two kids namely Chinna kaaka muttai ( Ramesh ) and Periya Kaaka Muttai ( Vignesh ) that these boys are dropped off from schools as their father getting imprisoned.  As, no more school days, these boys used to go and collect the char coal pieces which are spilling from the goods train nearby their house and selling the coal and getting some money around Rs 5 or Rs 10. Also, everyday when these 2 kids going to the railway track to collect coal, on the way they do collect crow eggs from the crow nest and eat one. When the days pass, one day a man buys the land on which the tree of the crow nest is grown and demolishes the tree in front of the eyes of the kids, including Chinna Kaaka muttai and Periya Kaaka muttai.

As they lost their crow nests, the kids walking to their home with sadness and telling what they saw to their mother and getting some fine advises. On the other hand there are two robbers ( RJ Ramesh and his friend ) are living in the same slum and doing some small level thefts. There is one more character of a politician who is the MLA of the area where the slum presents and looting money from the owner of the man who bought the land of the crow nest. In a few days, the owner of the land constructs a Pizza shop on the land of crow tree.

As the kids see the pizza shop on the same land where they used to eat Crow egg every day, they get some hate feels on the pizza shop, but when the Pizza shop gets opened by the favorite hero of the kids, Simbu / STR, the hate feeling turns into an attraction to the kids and they get desire of tasting the pizza just as how simbu sat inside the pizza and tasted the pizza. But the hurdles for the kids to fulfill their dream of sitting inside pizza shop and to taste the pizza are that they earn not more than 20Rs a day. They dont have fine look / fine dress to show and pass the security of the pizza shop as he does not allow the slum kids inside.

Passing these and other hurdles, how the kids tasted the pizza by sitting inside the pizza shop is the remaining story of Tamil movie Kaaka Muttai.

Tamil movie Kaaka Muttai - Complete Review:

The movie is one of the great examples of how a good movie should be. The director of teh movie has got the story field of a slum and chosen the pizza to play the target and he has made the screen play crystal clear that he has brought a bunch of related things around the subject and he has dumped the things he has collected into the screen in proper manner. Each and every shots of the movie are meaningful is fact. Even though all the scenes of the movie are normal and casual only, the moral of the society which has been directed by those normal scenes are so solid and makes the audiences to think in a deep manner. The following are the examples of such perfect scenes of the movie.

A pizza shop is getting constructed by cutting a big tree on which the crow nest exists. In this, the director has the meaning of, the land was owned by the slum people in fact, such land is plucked away from those kids by a rich man only because he is rich and has money.

Second is, the media, when a big issue about 2 kids are going on, a media team comes to the slum and start taking coverage, when they start taking the footage of the slum, the 2 kids who are originally affected by that issue are trying to cross the road platform on which the TV anchor is standing and making the coverage. Then the camera man of the coverage asks the 2 kids to go away from the camera view. In this, the director has mentioned the level of the current society's media contribution.

In the climax, the director has spotted the specialty of the Indian food habits / Tamil food habits and the taste of them too.

In a scene, the director has said an important thing which was like, forgotten by many directors of Tamil cinema, called in Tamil, Aezhmaiyil Nearmai, that is, Honesty in Poor. In a scene, when one of the rich friends of those 2 slum kids offering some pizza to them, the Periya Kaaka muttai ( Vignesh ) refuses to get the pizza which was already tasted by the rich boy and offering the residue.

In that paani puri scene, the boys who are coming out from the City center does not want new dress, but their father buys and gives to them good, new dresses, but they love to eat Paani puri which is being sold outside fo City center. But the father refuses to buy and give them that. In this scenes some parental guidance glitters.

There is a line in the lyrics of a song in this movie - Aal Paadhi aadai paadhi endru yaar sonnadhu, avanal dhan namaku indha nilamai. The lyrics are like the mind voice of the kids that those lines are followed by the rich people and there the status between the people is seen with respect to the dress worn by people.

Showing a small kid as a hero with this subject is never an easy task, But with the perfect scenes, the director has done that in the scene in which the rich boy offering a pizza piece, but Periya Kaaka muttai refuses to take it by considering the act as begging.

In the scene of taking the crow egg, Periya kaaka muttai climbs up on the tree and seeing 3 eggs in the nest. That innocent Chinna Kaaka muttai character asks Periya kaaka muttai to bring down all the 3 eggs, but Periya kaaka muttai says that, one egg is for you (Chinna Kaak muttai), the second one is for me ( Periya Kaaka muttai ) and the remaining one is for the crow. Here the mind of the slum kids is shown that they think about the future of the crow also, that the small kid thinks that if he takes all the 3 eggs, the crow generation may get affected and leaves the third egg in the nest itself.

Music director G V PRakash Kumar has done great work by his music for the songs and the back ground musics, especially the back ground music for the scenes like, when the Periya Kaaka muttai becomes hero and when the kids getting ready and drops the plan of stealing the mobile phones from the train passengers. As teh cinematography also been done by the director himself, there is nothing error in cinematography too.

Over all, if the Kaaka muttai movie is considered as a trend setter and if other directors of Tamil cinema follow the trend and give good cinemas like this, then after 5 years or so, the level of Tamil cinema will be one of the best and noted one in the international stages.

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