Tamil movie Inime ipdi thaan - Casts and crew, Story line and Complete Review

Tamil movie Inimey Ippadithaan is a Romance and Comedy journal movie of the year 2015 in which Tamil Comedian Santhanam has acted as a hero. Tamil Comedian Santhanam has itself produced this movie under the production company Handmade Films. Suara Networks (Malaysia) has distributed this Tamil Movie Inimae Ippadithaan.

Tamil movie Inime Ipdi thaan – Casts and Crew:

Main male actor – Tamil actor Santhaanam
Santhanam with Akila Kishore for
Tamil movie Inime ipdi thaan

Main female actress ( Heroin ) of Tamil movie Inime Ipdi thaan - Tamil Actress Ashna Zaveri

Note : Tamil Actress Ashna Zaveri have previously paired in Tamil Movie Vallavanukku Pullum Ayudham in which Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam first appeared as a hero.

Supporting female actress in Tamil cinema inime ippadi thaan – Tamil actress Akhila Kishore

Supporting actors – Tamil actor Narean

Comedians in Tamil movie Inime Ipdi thaan – Tamil cinema comedians VTV Ganesh and Thambi Ramaiah

Director - Tamil Cinema Director Muruganand

Writer of this Tamil Movie Inimaey Ippadidhaan – Muruganand

 Santhosh Kumar Dayanidhi - Music Director of Tamil Movie Inimey Ippadithaan
Note: Music director Santhosh Kumar Dayanidhi was one of the junior artists of Tamil cinema music director A. R. Rahman previously.

Tamil movie Inime ipdi thaan – Story line:

In the movie, Inime ipdidhan, Santhaanam has done the role of a bachelor who has been roaming around the town. Tamil actor NAren has done the role of father of Santhaanam who has been criticizing and scolding Santhaanam all times. Naren has been running a marriage hall and making income of it. On the other hand, the mother of Santhaanam has full of devotional believes and complete trust on Astrology. So the parents of Tamil actor Santhaanam takes his astrological book to an astrologist and he says that the marriage of Santhaanam should happen within 3 months of time else, his marriage will happen only after 4 years of time and there is a chance of him to become a sage too. So the situation gets like the marriage must happen within 3 months of time.

So the parents of Santhaanam start finding a perfect bride for Santhaanam within a short period of time. But unfortunately none of the girls saw by the parents of Santhaanam likes to marry Santhaanam. At this stage, one of the friends of Santhaanam, VTV Ganesh saying an advice to Santhanam that the good looking boys will marry ugly girls and only the ugly boys will get to marry good looking girls and thus, Santhaanam gets the interest of doing love marriage in his life. So, Santhaanam starts searching good looking girl to love and marry. 

In this situation, Santhaanam meets Tamil actress Ashna Savery in a quarrel and Santhaanam fells in love at first site with Ashna Saveri. Then Santhaanam starts doing flirting with Ashna but she refuses to accept his love. On the other hand, the parents of Santhanam finding Tamil actress Akila Kishore as the bride for Santhanam. As, Ashna has not accepted the love of Santhaanam and by the tricky ideas of Thambi Ramaiah, Santhanam agrees to marry Akila Kishore and the engagement finishes. At this stage, Tamil actress Ashna Savery falls in love with Santhanam. Who did Santhanam marry in Inime ipdi thaan? What happened to the story of Akila Kishore are the questions answered in the climax of the Tamil movie Inime Ipdi thaan.

Tamil movie Inimey ippadi dhan – Complete Review:

Tamil actor Santhanam has got his next level as a hero in this movie. He has shown his talent better in this movie when comparing with his first movie as hero, Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham that Santhanam has done, dance, love, fighting and sentiments well and good. The usual timing comedies of Tamil comedian Santhanam have helped this movie a lot. Especially the scenes like, Santhanam traps between two girls, teasing Thambi Ramaiah and teasing VTV Ganesh are very interesting with laughter.

Tamil actress Ashna Savery has come in this movie as a modern girl, that she acted in her previous movie ( Vallavanukku Pullum aayudham) as a village girl. She has done her part good in this movie with good performance in dance, romance and the scenes in which she shows her angry to Santhaanam. Tamil actress Akila Kishore who did a bit of over acting in her first movie Kadhai thirai kadhai vasanam, has done good village role in this movie with her fine acting. The experienced acting of the actors like, ThambiRamaiyah, Naren and others have helped the movie a lot.
Tamil actor Santhanam with Tamil actress Ashna Zaveri
for Tamil movie Inime ipdi dhaan

The director has taken a love story in hand and delivered it with the screen play consists completely off comedy scenes. Screen play is the strength of the movie Inime ipdi thaan. Even though the movie is completely composed off comedy scenes, the unexpected twist in the climax gives cheer to the audience. Music is good with the composing of Santhosh Dhayanidhi. The cinematographer Gopi has shown all the characters of the movie looking good.

Tamil movie Inime ippadithaan – Background:

This 134 minutes movie has got a U certificate from the censor board. Cinematography for this Tamil Movie Inimey Ippadithaan is done by Gopi Jagadesswaran. Anthony L. Ruben is the editor of this Tamil Movie Inmaey Ippadidhan. Lyrisits of this Tamil Movie Inimey Ippadidhan are  Gana Bala, Sofia Ashraf, Kabilan, Madhan Karky, Dr Uma Devi, Gana Vinoth. Date of release of Tamil movie Inime ipdi than is 12th June 2015. There was a big question asked to Tamil cinema comedian Santhaanam before the release of the movie whether he has decided to act only as a hero in Tamil movies as the English meaning of the title of this movie, Inime ipdi thaan is, Hereafter like this only. But when Tamil actor Santhaanam answered for that question, he said, it is just a title and there is no relation between his career and the title of this movie. He had to answer, because he is the producer of this movie.   

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