Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam in Appu Kamal Get - Up..!

Tamil Comedian Santhanam Unseen Get-up
Tamil comedy actor Santhanam is one of the shining comedians in Tamil cinema after Vadivelu and Vivek. Santhanam started his acting through a famous Tamil Channel Vijay TV. His first TV program was Lollu Saba. Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam entered into Tamil Cinema Industry through the Tamil movie Manmadhan in which Tamil Actor Simbhu / STR is the Hero and the director.

Ten years back Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam has acted as a comedian in a Hindi Film Sinnu Mannu.

This film shooting was made full and full in Bangkok and 80% shooting of this film is over. During the shooting of this movie Sinnu Mannu, the producer of this movie expired. As the director of this movie got expired, shooting got discontinued.  Along with that movie hero, Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam acted as a South Indian. Tamil Comedian Santhanam has acted in ten different get-ups in this Hindi movie Sinnu Mannu.

Tamil Comedy Actor Sandhanam has taken the character of a south Indian getting his family shifted to North India. Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam's role in this movie is to take something which is in a persons house without anyone's knowledge. For this Tamil Comedian Sandhanam has featured in many get-ups. Tamil Comedian Santhanam has acted in many get-ups like the Tamil Actor Padmashri Kamal Hassan as Appu in the Tamil Film Abuurva Sagotharargal.

This Sinnu Mannu is the only Hindi film in which Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam has acted. He did not accept any other offers that came from Bollywood. Tamil Comedy Actor Sandhanam has acted one film in malayalam and one film in Telugu.

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