Tamil actress Samantha acts with Tamil actor Sidharth after her love break up

Image of Simbu STR with
Nayantara lip kiss /  ear biting
We all know that Tamil actress Nayantara has been acting with Actor Simbu STR in a movie which is under direction of Tamil cinema director Pandiraj who directed the movies like, Pasanga, Merina etc., This news was a bit vibrating for most of the Tamil cinema fans as the love between Simbu and Nayantara was talked as gossip by the media and it took the talks upto the level of publishing the news like Simbu and Nayantara married. Then Nayantara declared break up with the relationship with STR Simbu. With this back ground, it is very healthy and professional way that the two Tamil cinema stars, Nayantara and Simbu STR are acting together without thinking / considering the past events. Also it is known that the shooting of that movie in which Simbu acts with Nayantara has been going on smoothly without any deviations from Nayantara like, attending shootings with irregular timings and bargaining for more salary etc., Nayantara has been acting in that movie by not hindering the old stories of her with Simbu again.

Followed by Tamil actress Nayantara, now Tamil actress Samantha starts following the foot prints of Tamil actress Nayantara that she has been acting with Tamil actor Sidharth for the Tamil movie Aranmanai part 2 under the direction of Tamil cinema director Sundar C. Even though the reason for the love break between Samantha and Siddharth is still disclosed,  they have been acting together for the duet songs in the movie Aranmanai part 2. Even though Samantha has been gossiped many times by kee ping her together with Siddharth, the actor has not disclosed any single word about his relationship with Tamil actress Samantha so far.

This kind of matured activities of Tamil actresses like Nayantara and Samantha will get the level of Tamil cinema and the relationship between the celebrities of Tamil cinema will remain healthy for sure.

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