Tamil Actress Nayanthara's reaction against her hugging selfie gossip with Santhosh Sivan

Tamil Actress Nayanthara says Tamil Director Vignesh Sivan is the reason for this Tabloid gossip around the media and uploading this picture in web is the reason behind it.

Tamil Actress Nayanthara not responsible for this gossip

Tamil Actress Nayanthara’s latest real life love story is the hot news or a gossip that is widely spread around Tamil Cinema Industry and media. All the social networking sites are also spread with this gossip about Tamil Actress Nayanthara’s recent love with Tamil Director Vignesh Sivan. This is the third love gossip news that is spread around the media about Tamil Actress Nayanthara after the first one with Tamil Actor Prabu Deva and the second with Tamil Actor Simbu / STR.

The reason for the wide spread of this news is said to be the (Tamil Director Vignesh Sivan) person one who said as lover of Tamil Actress Nayanthara. She says that Tamil Director Vignesh Sivan is the one who uploaded the selfie which was taken close with Tamil Actress Nayanthara and this is annoying her too much. All the Tamil Cinema Producers and Directors one who are taking movies with Tamil Actress Nayanthara as an actress in it are showing tension to her saying that due to this issue their movies may get affected from its traffic. It is heard that as a result of this pressure on Tamil Actress Nayanthara, she has met the Tamil Director Vignesh Sivan and warned to stop such sensational publicity.

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