23 June 2015

Tamil actress Hansika Motwani to act with Tamil actor STR Simbu again !!

Hansika hugging Simbu photos
We all know about the reason for the break up between Tamil actor STR Simbu and Tamil actress Hansika Motwani. When Hansika and Simbu were in love, there were two Tamil movies started shootings namely, Vaalu and Vettai Mannan. Among these two, the release date of Tamil movie Vaalu has been getting postponed for so many times. The shooting of the Tamil movie Vettai Mannan was dropped off within few days from the starting date of the shooting. But, after crossing many hurdles, Tamil movie Vaalu has got all set for the release on July 17th of this year.

But for completing the shooting of Tamil movie Vaalu, there is one video song to be shoot which starts with Thaaru Maaru in which Tamil actress Hansika Motwani has to dance with Tamil actor STR Simbu. Earlier, Hansika did announce her love with STR in social media followed by that announcement, she her self declared her break up with STR Simbu is well. In this stage, there was a big quesiton mark, will Hansika shake her thighs with STR for this Video song or not? Before asking to Hansika, the crew of Tamil movie Vaalu have gone to other Tamil actresses like, Tamil actress Meena and Simran. But now, Hansika Motwani has come forward to dance in this song to finish the shooting of this movie. Also Tamil actress Hansika Motwani has announced that, she is ready to go for any promotional activities of the movie Vaalu at any time by mentioning that Vaalu is also her movie.
Tamil actress Hansika with Simbu for Tamil
movie Vaalu

So we the fans can watch Simbu and Hansika sharing the stage together for the promotions of Tamil movie Vaalu. Also the shooting of Tamil movie Vaalu song Thaaru MAaru will also begin in a few days. But Hansika agreeing for everything in a Simbu movie has made the Tamil cinema fans to exclaim.

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