22 June 2015

Tamil actor Vishal says Do Not pull politics into Nadigar Sangam/ South Indian Film Artists Association/ SIFAA Union

Tamil Actor Vishal Krishna said in a marriage function which was conducted in his sponsorship, that only those who are in political parties are coming to the SIFAA/ South Indian Film Artists Association (Nadigar Sangam) and doing politics. Those who are telling that politics should not be there in SIFAA Union, should not be in political parties.

On behalf of all India Vishal Charity Organisation, marriage for 10 girls belonging to poor family was conducted in Trichy yesterday.  Tamil Actor Vishal Krishna attended this marriage along with his father G. K. Reddy, mother Janaki Krishna and sister Aishwarya Krishna. Tamil Actor Vishal presented 51 kinds of essential products as gifts.

After that Tamil Actor Vishal Krishna wished the couples with these statements:

All the girls married today are like my own sister only. I will be continuously monitoring whether the men who married these girls are taking care of them very well.

These marriages are not conducted for the sake of advertisement. My Charity Organisation was started for the sake of doing social service for the people. We are doing such good things with a higher indeed that seeing us, others also should get involved in such social service.

Tamil Actor Vishal Krishna also delivered a speech regarding his participation in SIFAA Union election:

Film industry is the one which gave me life. I will never ever betray it. I will also not allow anyone to betray it. I’m sure that I will contest in SIFAA’s Union Election. There is no talk about withdrawing stated Tamil Actor Vishal
Drama Actors are also a part of us. I have seen their living conditions in person. So before SIFAA’s Union Election foundation laying function for the Association building at Madurai for Drama Actors will be held promised Tamil Actor Vishal Krishna.

Tamil Actor Vijaykanth did not take part in any political parties until he was SIFAA Union Captain. Soon after SIFAA Unions President/ Tamil Actor Vijaykanth started a political party, he walked out from the SIFAA Union’s president-ship responsibility said Tamil Actor Vishal Krishna.

But Present SIFAA Union’s President / Tamil Actor R. Sarathkumar neither quit SIFAA Union president-ship (as Former SIFAA Union's Captain Vijaykanth did) nor quit the politics. It is good if the present SIFAA Union President / Tamil Actor Sarathkumar understands this. If those who are a part of political parties get involved into SIFAA Union, politics will prevail in this Film Actors Association too. We should not let politics enter into SIFAA Union protested Tamil Actor Vishal Krishna.

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