Tamil Actor Prakashraj gives pleasant shock to Tamil Actresses Archana and Revathi

Among the films that are produced with the purpose of commercial thought some films with a good storyline along with little commercial stuff filled in it will be produced now and then from time to time. As an addition to that list of movies, there is a Tamil film that is getting produced with a combination of Tamil Actor Prakashraj, Tamil Actress Archana, Tamil Actress Revathi and Tamil Actor Naasar acting in it.

Tamil Actor Prakashraj with Tamil Actress Revathi & Archana

Under the direction of debut Tamil Director M. R. Bharathi, it is said that Tamil Actress Archana and Tamil Actress Revathi are together producing this Tamil film.

As Tamil Actor Prakashraj is impressed with the storyline of this movie, he is giving first preference to this film when comparing to other films in which he is acting. After hearing the story and other details of this movie, Tamil Actor Prakashraj sent them without disclosing the date schedule for this movie. Tamil Actor Prakash Raj has told that he will inform about the dates for this movie later.

While the crew members of this movie think that Tamil Actor Prakash Raj will schedule dates for this movie only after finishing the first phase of shooting for the movies in which he has committed already, as a pleasant shock to Tamil Actress Archana and Tamil Actress Revathi, Tamil Actor Prakashraj has given immediate dates for this movie.

It is heard that the shooting for this Tamil movie is going on very swiftly at Chennai. It is also said that he story of this film is based on a writer’s life and in this film Tamil Actor Prakashraj is acting as that popular writer.
Tamil Film Kavingan Aakinaal Ennai

Is it Tamil Actress Archana or Tamil Actress Revathi going to pair Tamil Actor Prakashraj in this movie? What is the role for Tamil Actor Nassar and who is his pair? Answers to all these questions are still in suspense.

Even though the naming of this movie is not made official, it seems like Kavingan Aakinaal Ennai may be given as the title of this movie.

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