19 June 2015

Tamil actor Kamal Hassan interview in Tamil movie Paabanaasam press meet

The Team of Tamil movie PAabanaasam gathered in a place in Chennai for a press meet. In that, Tamil actor Kamal Hassan, actresses Gauthami, Sree Priya, Nivetha, supporting actor M S Baskar, producer Rajkumar and others participated and talked about the movie Paapanaasam.
Tamil actor Kamal Hassan with Gauthami in
Tamil movie Paabanaasam press meet

When Tamil actor KAmal Hassan spoke in that press meet, he said if this movie was under his direction or production he would have got the need to tell as if all the actors have acted well and good in that movie, but even the small small characters of this movie have acted well and be spoken high after the release of the Tamil movie Paabanaasam. Also Kamal HAssan added that, nowadays there are many rule breeches happening because of the mobile phones. Kamal said he himself has been affected so badly by these mobile phones that if any one wants to get the interview of Kamal hassan, they might go to him and ask his permission prior. But after these mobile phones have come, only after taking a picture, the fans are coming to him to get a picture with Kamal hassan. Also Kamal said, the arrival of mobile phones has affected him as an actor as well as his own rights.

Also Tamil actor KAmal Hassan said that Tamil actress Gauthami is still a peak star, we went for seeing what we have shoot after the shooting of some scenes for Tamil Movie Paabanaasam and Kamal Hassan himself realized that he himself has done a mistake of such an actress ( Gauthami ) in house, KAmal hassan said that he is not going to make Gauthami  to act in his next movie and it is the right of Gauthami to act in movies ahead or not.

Finally Tamil actor Kamal Hassan said, that he does not act as a star in his movies and he just acts what is required for the character he plays in the movie. The meaning of the Tamil word Paabanaasam is the place where we removes all the sings. That is the reason for naming this Tamil movie as Paabanaasam and as the title of the movie demands, we all the characters of this movie have spoken the Tirunelveli Tamil slang.

As the director of the movie Paabanaasam has gone abroad for a MAlayalam movie, he did not participate in this press meet of Tamil movie Paabanaasam.

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