10 June 2015

Sibiraj speaks in an Interview about the next Ghost based Upcoming Tamil Film "Jackson Durai"

Why Tamil actor Sibiraj chose to cast with his father?
Why does a rationalist Tamil actor Sathyaraj act as a Spirit?
Sibiraj replies to the reporters in an interview to the above questions.

Tamil actors Sibiraj and Sathyaraj for Tamil movie Jackson Durai

After a long gap fans are about to see father and son together in a same film. Tamil Cinema Stars Sibiraj, Actor Sathyaraj, Actress Bindhu Madhavi and Actor Karunakaran are casting in a Tamil Movie “Jackson Durai”. Tamil Cinema Director Dharanidharan one who directed the film Burma is the director of this Tamil Movie Jackson Durai.

Director reveals the story of Tamil Movie Jackson Durai. The story of this Tamil movie Jackson Durai moves with two different stories. A story that happens before Independence and a story that is happening at present. In this Tamil Movie Jackson Durai Tamil Cinema Actor Sathyaraj is playing a spirit role. Tamil Actor Sibiraj is casting as a police officer. Sibiraj is moving from city to a village for the sake of his duty. Rest of the story in this Tamil Movie Jackson Durai is mixed up with an interesting and hideous incident that is happening in that village.

In this Tamil Movie Jackson Durai Tamil Actor sathyarajhas played real life role and also spirit role. Tamil Actress Bindhu Madhavi is paring with Tamil Actor Sibiraj in this Tamil Film Jackson Durai. 25% of the filming of this Tamil Movie Jackson Durai is over. Evening an Interview to the reporters was held in the shooting spot of this Tamil Film Jackson Durai itself. In that interview, Tamil Actor Sibiraj replied to all the questions.

Tamil Cinema Actor Sibiraj said in the Interview that he was sure about two things after his Tamil film Naaygal Jaakradhai. One is, not to act in a Ghost story and the other is not to cast along with his father (Tamil ActorSathyaraj) in any movie. But the story of this Tamil Movie Jackson Durai has scuttled my decision.

 When a question was raised, how did Tamil Actor Sathyaraj being a rationalist accept to act for a Ghost film?, Tamil Cinema Hero Sibiraj replied that the story of this Tamil Movie Jackson Durai and the social message in it made his father to accept for such a role.
It was noted that during the interview time, as Tamil Actor Sathyaraj was in the guise of devil he was not able to take part in it.

Tamil Cinema’s latest trend set is Ghost Film. Following the latest Ghost films in Tamil Cinema Industry like Demonte Colony, Muni/ Kanchanaseries, Massu, Pisasu,  and Darling, Jackson Durai is one of the Upcoming Tamil Ghost/ Devil movies.

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