Salman Khan’s Tweeter Preceeding.. Dhanush Shares! Vijay, Ajith or Simbhu? Who else will support Khan's Tweet?

Salman Khan’s Tweeter Preceeding.. Tamil actor Dhanush shares this tweet. Will Simbhu, Vijay and Ajith do the same?

Tamil actor Simbu with Dhanush

Indian Cinema Industries three big shining Khan’s are the top notch heros and not only Hindi Film industry will be awaiting for their upcoming film. But also Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam language fans will be more awaiting for the release of Khan’s movies.
Such as Vijay and Ajith fans in Tamil Cinema Industry fighting in Social networking websites like facebook and tweeter, in other languages too there are web wars that is happening between two actor’s fans.

If any of the news (like trailer or first look of any hero) gets released the fan followers will break up and this is what happening is in the recent days.

In this situation, last night Salman Khan has posted many times in his tweet asking the fans to shop fighting between themselves.

We are there just because of you. For that there is no need to fight among yourself to prove your love on us. Moreover Amir Khan and Sharukh Khan too do not like this.  We three are friends only. Why is this 1, 2, 3 game?

Do not spend time in this and make yourselves busy in some other thing. That’s my happiness.
I will be even gladder to hear from you people that I could not follow you in my busy schedule.  Please understand and stop fighting in tweeter said Salman Khan in his tweeter page.

It is noteworthy that Tamil Actor Dhanush has also shared this tweet.
It is the truth that in the Tamil Cinema Industry Tamil actor RajiniKamal, VijayAjith and at present DhanushSimbhu generation is also having quarrels in the internet. Such web wars are spread throughout the social network nowadays.

Tamil actor Vijay with
Tamil actor Ajith Kumar
In it especially Tamil actor Vijay and Ajith fan’s web war is getting increased seriously nowadays. For this they are creating new pages and fighting between. In these certain publishes about Vijay or Ajith, the fans are fighting by including the other people related in that article or their family members even. They are using abusive words in their web wars or online quarrels.

Only solution to this problem is, like Salman Khan, Vijay and Ajith should join hands in the same social network and communicate with their fans. Will they do is a Question Mark! And even if they do so, will their fans put an end to such web wars? Splitting and fighting tendency is even greater nowadays.

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