Tamil movie Demonte Colony - Casts and crew, Story and Complete Review

Tamil movie Demonte Colony - Casts and Crew, Complete Story and Review:
Tamil Movie Demonte Colony

We shall start this page with the Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Demonte Colony;

Tamil movie Demonte Colony - Casts and Crew:

Main actors - Tamil actors Arul nidhi, Ramesh Tilak, Shanath and Abishekh Joseph.

Music director - Keba Jeremiah

Cinematography - Arvind Singh

Director - R. Ajay Gnana muthu

Producer - Tamilarasu

Tamil movie Demonte Colony - story:

In the movie Demonte Colony, Arul nidhi is a bachelor who goes for no job and getting money from married lady by impressing her by flirting. One of his friends, namely Ramesh is a genius in photo designing. Shanath has been trying to become a cinema director and he has been searching for a producer having his script in hand. Other friend of Arul nidhi, Abishekh Joseph is an electrician. The life of these 4 bachelors has been going on with out any interesting events and they have been pushing their days with alcohol and reason less conversations. After few shots, these 4 friends think of having some interesting things in their life and then, Shanath explaining them about Demonte colony which takes place in his cinema script. Followed by that, all those 4 friends deciding to go Demonte colony and they go to that Demonte colony.

In a day, these 4 friends planning to do something interesting in their life as all of those friends's life are moving boringly. So, the one who has been trying to become a cinema director is giving them idea of entering into a bungalow namely Demonte Colony in which the whole Chennai people are believing a place with ghosts inside. One of them, who is working as the electrician, is refusing to go with them to that Demonte Colony. But the other 3 guys dragging him to Demante Colony. Soon after they enter, Electrician starts shivering and keep on telling the crew to get out of the bungalow immediately. But the other three, start playing with him by teasing him. On the other hand, Arun nidhi and the guy who is trying to become director are seeing some figure looking like ghost.
Important Video scene in Tamil movie Demonte Colony

After some time, they come out from the bungalow. The next day, those 4 friends get situation of going to see an astrologist. The astrologist ( Tamil actor M S Baskar ) tells something strange to the hero ( Arul Nidhi ) and commits suicide. Following by that, those 4 friends going back to their room and start watching a scary movie. But all of a sudden, the video of the movie turns into the video of those 4 friends sitting in the same room. Later on, those friends getting death one by one by a ghost. After the movie ends, they start blabbering themselves about their death.

After that many interesting things happens in that one single room. At the end, what happened to those 4 friends, what happens to the ghost are said in the climax of Tamil movie Demonte Colony with many twists and turns.

Tamil movie Demonte Colony - Review:

This is an interesting effort has been taken by the director Ajay gnana Muthu that he has taken the second half of the movie interestingly with the scenes happening in a single room. This is another Tamil movie has no heroin, after many years. A counter given by Tamil actor Ramesh in between the serious situations making us laughter. But many scenes, like the situation in the bungalow and the activities of the 4 friends when the get weird situation are scary.

Tamil actor Arul Nidhi has given his usual silent acting and expressions needed to show fear on his face in this movie. Back ground music has been done good by the music director Keba Jeremiah. When we have to talk about the negative points of this movie, many scenes are resembling with Tamil movie Pizza directed by Karthik Subburaj. One more point I noted is that the director Ajay gets the nice back ground situation that the portughese ghost becomes ghost only because he does not want any one to communicate out of the bungalow about the news of his wife getting raped. On the other hand, the ghost creates high noise when the 4 friends trying to open the door, the ghost might have made them not to be able to communicate each other. Then the scenes in the second half would have been more interesting.

Other wise the movie is an interesting movie especially for family audiences. There is no romantic or glamorous scenes to restrict the children from watching this movie. Another different thing in this movie is that the hero of the movie is doing live in relationship with a married lady and there is no adjustment about this character of the hero till the end of the movie, which is normally not seen in Tamil movie.

Overall "Demonte Colony" is a summer holiday special movie must watch film with family.

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