Tamil actor Simbu STR - Latest Interview, Talking about break up with Tamil actress Hansika Motwani

"In past two and a half years I have lost Movies, Money and even Girl Friend", Says Simbhu.

Audio launch of Tamil Movie "Inimae Ippadithaan" in which Sandhaanam has acted as a Hero was held in Chennai last Sunday.
Tamil actor Simbu break up with Hansika

Lots of Cine field celebrities including Simbhu, Arya, Udhayanithi Stalin, Director Goutham Vasudhev Menon and Director Rajesh took part in this function and wished Santhaanam.

In this Tamil Movie "Inimae Ippadithaan" Audio launch function Simbhu spoke these:

After Tamil Film "Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya" Audio Release function, I am attending only this function. After that program I did not take part in any of the cine stages. After 2 years gap I am attending only this Tamil Movie "Inimae Ippadithaan" Audio launch program.

Tamil film "Inimae Ippadithaan" directors Murugan and Anand have put their name as Muruganand and it shows their unity. I think that this unity itself is a success. I hope that this film will become a great success for this unity among the directors.

I only introduced Santhaanam in my Tamil film "Manmadhan" and he has reached such a great height in Tamil Cinema Industry. Many are asking me, "You only gave first chance to Sandhaanam, is it? He has become such a great man." Rather than saying that I introduced him, I would say that I'm the one who recognized that he has talent. Only by recognizing that he will become a big hero, I made him to act in "Tamil Movie Manmadan" despite several obstacles.

I only recognized the talent of Santhanam. I do not have any talent. My father is the one who made me earn it. My Dad is the sole cause for my position here. There are many people to knock up but there are just a few people to pat up us. I am happy that I have recognized the talent of LATEST TAMIL HERO SANTHAANAM.

It has become two and half years after the last release of my film. I have learnt a lot of things in these 2 and 1/2 years. Lot of people are saying that I have got into devotional life. I went in search of GOD and not figure, right? Every people would have experienced strain in their life. Everyone would say that I have been brought up without any strain or sorrows. These two and a half years have given me a lesson of the real strain that a normal man will face.

In this past two and a half years I have lost almost everything. If I earn, I will take the money and give it to my mom only. I lost Movies. I felt bad to go and stand in front of mom and ask for money to face my expenses. I lost Money and movies also. I thought, "Okay we have a girl friend and she will be with us". Even she left me. I thought, "If we get married and have a kid, at-least by seeing its smile our worries will vanish away". I was tested by God by not having that even.

Although everything has gone away from me, I only had my life. For some reason we are left alive. Though I passed off such a lot of difficulties, my fans have held off me upright. THANKS to all of them.

Tamil Film "Vaalu" that was about to get released on May 7th, did not get released yet. I thought, "What is this? God has abandoned me." Now my father is going to buy this Tamil Movie "Vaalu" and release it. Always only a good deed that we do will save us. I learnt a thing in the past 2 years of time that, we can live happily if we live for others instead of living for ourselves. Tamil comedy actor Santhanam who was introduced by me ( Tamil actor Simbu STR ) to Tamil cinema industry through the Tamil movie Manmathan, has been remembering me without giving up even though he ( Tamil comedy actor Santhaanam ) has become one of the top Tamil cinema comedians today. So, I ( Tamil actor Simbu STR ) would like to thank him ( Santhaanam ) at this moment.

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