Tamil Movie Kanchana 2 (Muni 3) Cast and Crew, Complete Story and Review

Film Makers and Technicians involved in Tamil movie Kanchana 2: 

Chief Coordinator - G. Kamal
Co-Production and DistributionC. Sembiyan Sivakumar (Sun Pictures)
Sun Pictures Team - (R. S. Suresh Maniyan, N. Narendran, A. G. Krishnajith, T. Lalitha, Naveen P. Thomson, C.A. Joshra and K. Baskar)
LyricsViveka, Ko Sesha, Logan and Arun Bharathi
Stunt Master Super Subbarayan
Art Director R. Jenarthanan (B. F. A)
EditingKishore T.E.

Cinematographer Rajavel Olhiveeran and R.B. Gurudev
MusicThaman S. S., Leon James, C. Sathya and Asvamithra
Singers - Haricharan, Shakthisree Gopalan, Jagadeesh Kumar, K.S. Chitra, Sooraj Santhosh and Sriram Roshan
Background Score - Thaman S. S.
Production – Raghavendra Production
Choreographer – ­Raghava Lawrence and Siva
Story Writer - ­Raghava Lawrence
Direction - ­Raghava Lawrence

Casts and Crew

Hero - Raghava Lawrence as Raghavaa and Motta Shiva
Heroine - Tapsee Pannu as Nandhini
Comedy Kovai Sarala as Raghava's mother, Renuka as Raghava's Sister-in-law
Villain - Jaya Prakash as Marudhu
Supporting Stars - Pooja Ramachandran as Pooja, Jangiri Madhumitha as Aishwarya
Guest Actors - Nithya Menen as Ganga, Manobala as Arnold, , Saams, Mayilsamy as Watchman, Sriman as Doctor Prasad, Rajendran as Co-Villian

Story and Review

Tamil actress Taapsee Pannu
 and Raghava Lawrence in
Tamil movie Muni 3
There is no one else other than Lawrence in investing Budget for a film with a concept of horror story which most of the Tamil movie lovers are fan off. Tamil movie Kanchana 2 (Muni 3) Director Lawrence is not only concentrating on the horror journal for the Muni series films, but he is also focusing all the journals like comedy, love, action, sentiment, suspense and commercial touch that will attract Tamil Cinema audience.

Same kind of story, screen play and more or less the scenes are also very similar in all his Muni series films. But Tamil Film Star Lawrence makes the audience to sit on the edge of their seats till the end of the last scene. That is the talent of his success.

As usual Lawrence takes the role of Raghavaa in this Tamil Movie Kanchana 2 (Muni 3) where he gets shivering even by hearing about ghost. He works as a Camera Man in a TV Channel where he falls in love on Nandhini (starred by Tamil Cinema Actress Tapsee Pannu). Nandhini is working in the same channel as a director. While this Channel manager (Suhasini starring this character) is angry and vexed about the down fall of the channel from No. 1 position to No. 2 position, Tapsee Pannu (as Nandhini in this Tamil Movie Muni 3) gives them an idea of directing reality horror/thriller programs by spreading rummer as ghost is roaming in the city. As the idea of Nandhini (Tamil Actress Tapsee) seems to be good, Channel Manager (Tamil Actress Suhasini) accepts for the project and they select Raghavaa (Tamil Movie Actor Raghava Lawrece) as the Camera Man for this project. Raghavaa first refuses by lying that he has Jon-dis  fever as he is very much scared of Ghosts. But while Channel Manager reveals that Nandhini is the program director, he accepts to do this project. While Raghavaa's mother (Starred by Kovai Sarala) knows about this project trip, he fears that he is taking risk for the sake of his love on Nandhini. But he appoints an assistant as Watch Man (Mayilsami) to be with him all time and joins the project crew.
Tamil actress Taapsee Pannu
 in Tamil movie Kanchana 2

A team of members including Director Nandhini, Anchor Pooja (Pooja Ramachandran), Touch-up Aishwarya (Jangiri Madhumitha), Camera-man Raghavaa, his assistant, Light Men Arnold (Monobala) and Marudhu (Jayaprakash)and Doctor Prasad (Sriman) from this channel are going to a haunted house near a beach where is said that there is ghost roaming for many years. While taking shooting for this program in beach nearby to that house, Nandhini (Tamil Cinema Actress Tapsee Pannu) gets a Gold Chain (Thali) from beach sand. She puts that gold chain (Thali) in a pouch and hand overs it to Doctor Prasad (Sriman) the next day and tells him to put it in a temple Hundial and instructs him not to see what is inside the pouch. While they set up a girl to act as ghost for this TV program, the real ghost comes. That ghost enters into Nandhini (Tapsee) completely. Same way another ghost enters into Raghavaa (Lawrence) one who loves Nandhini.

They then change the shooting spot and Raghavaa (Lawrence) and Nandhini (Tapsee) stay along with Raghavaa's mother and sister-in-law. Both Raghavaa's mother and sister-in-law suffer from the tortures of ghosts that have entered into Nandhini (Tapsee) and Raghavaa (Lawrence). So Raghavaa's mother and sister-in-law take Nandhini (Tapsee) and Raghavaa (Lawrence) to a church to chase away ghost from them. The flashback of the ghosts come when the priests in the church bring the ghosts into their governance. In that flashback they come to know that not a single person but five of them are oppressively killed. The ghosts tell to priests that they have come into Nandhini (Tapsee) and Raghavaa (Lawrence) only to take revenge on the people one who killed them with outrage and also asks for the permission from the priests. The priests also show mercy on them and  allow the ghosts to proceed. I think that it is possible for you to guess the rest of the story.

In the first half of the film, Raghavaa (Lawrence) calls his mother without respect which makes the younger generation learn irrespect. It is okay until the ATM (All Time Mobile) watchman is appointed for Raghavaa to accompany him even while going to restroom. But a scene with Lawrence (Raghavaa), Mayilsami (Watchman), Manobala and Saams (Lightmen) is unexpected from Lawrence one who targets on only family audience.

Until interval a mix up of thrill and comedy is throbbing in each and every scene. Each and every get up that he has put fits Lawrence very well. The old women character is extra-ordinary. Mottai Siva character taken by Lawrence is mind blowing. Even if it seems to be similar, the transgender character done by Lawrence is awesome.

Tapsee has got a scope to act only in this film. She has utilized it very much in the right way. Nithya menon grabs away the audience mind by acting as a handicapped in the second half of the Tamil Movie Kanchana 2 (Muni 3).

Kovai Sarala has done a super duper character in this film too. At the same time, that much of harsh beatings on her in the name of comedy is not bearable.

Cinematography by Rajavel Oliveeran gives a big strength to this Tamil Movie Kanchana 2 (Muni 3). The sea shore scene in the beach location is the most thrilling scene in this Tamil Film Kanchana 2 (Muni 3).

Even though there are four music directors in this Tamil Movie Kanchana 2 (Muni 3), none of the songs get registered to the audience mind very well. But the background music of S.S. Thamman has suited this film very well.

Lawrence has ended the film that it will continue to next part as Muni 4. We are waiting for totally different Kanchana in the upcoming film Raghavaa!

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