12 April 2015

Police complaint against Tamil movie Uthama Villain

The director of Tamil movie Uthama Villain, Ramesh Arvind who is one of the cinema industry friends of Tamil actor Hassan has declared that there is no single scene in the movie Uthama Villain as of hurting any religious feelings.
Police complaint on Tamil movie Uthama Villain

As the complete video trailer of the Tamil movie Uthama Villain has been already released and the complete movie is planned to get released on the first day of May moth 2015. Tamil actor Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan, Tamil actresses Parvathy Nair, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Parvathy Menon, actors; Nassar, Jayaram, M S Baskar, K. Vishwanath, K. Balachander and others have acted. The music of this movie is Tamil cinema music director Ghibran. Tamil actor Kamal hassan himself has written Screen play and dialogue for this movie.

Before a few days the members of Vishwa Hindu Parishath filed a complaint against the movie Uthama villain that the movie is stimulating and hurting the religious feels of the country through the commissioner of Chennai. In this stage, yesterday ( 10th April 2015 ), Mr. Naseer Ahmed who is the head Secretary of Indian national leek has fined another complaint against Tamil movie Uthama villain in the Chennai commissioner office that the previous movie from Tamil actor Kamal hassan gave scenes as if negative scenes against the religion Muslim. Also he has added in that complaint that the next Tamil movie of Tamil actor Kamal Hassan namely Uthama Villain has scenes as affecting the religious respects of Hindu and Tamil actor Kamal hassan who has been in these movies should be arrested under the rules of social unity of India with the Indian national safety rules.

In this situation, the director of the Tamil movie Uththama villain Ramesh Arvind has answered for these complaints that there is no single scene in the movie Uthama villain as if hurting the feelings of any religions. Also he added that the basic story of Tamil movie Uthama Villain is the clash between a drama artist who lived in the 5th century and another drama artist who acts in the present days.The censor board has declared the movie with U Certificate and the director said that the movie will be released in the planned date.

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