02 April 2015

Tamil movie Valiyavan - Casts and Crew, Story and Complete Review

From this page in Tamil Cinema Bio, you can get a brief view of the Tamil Film Valiyavan in which Tamil Actor Jai and Tamil Actress Andriya have acted under the direction of M Saravanan. This Tamil movie Valiyavan with D Imman as its music director has got released on 26th March 2015.

Tamil Film Valiyavan – Casts and Crew:

Hero - Tamil actor Jai (A role with the name Vinoth)

Heroin - Tamil actress Andreah (Character name Suji)

Anti-Hero - Aaron Chaudhary

Supporting Actor - Bala Saravanan (Comedy Role)

Other Actors – Azhagam Perumal (Hero’s Father) & Anupama Kumar (Hero’s Mother)

Music - Tamil Cinema Music Director D Imman

Direction and Screen Play- Tamil Cinema Director M Saravanan

Cinematography - Dinesh Krishnan

Editing – Subarak

Producer - K.N.Sampath (SK Studios Production)

Art Direction - Raja Mohan

Stunt choreography - Silva

Dance choreography – Brindha & Suchitra

Lyrics - Na Muthukumar & Viveka

Tamil Movie Valiyavan Story:

Tamil Actor Jai is performing the male lead role in this film Valiyavan. Vinoth is the name of his character in this Tamil Movie Valiyavan. Though Jai is the Hero of this Film Valiyavan, one who is playing the Anti-Hero role is being introduced in the first scene as the Hero of India. He is an International Boxing champion in the latest Olympics with a Silver Medal, but then according to this film he is a baddie. Everyone are celebrating the victory of this Olympic Champ by considering the words of Gold Medallist who himself appreciated the talent of Indian champ by telling that if he had not made that single foul, he would have won the Gold medal. But our Tamil Movie Hero Jai who is Vinoth in this Film ‘Valiyavan’ sees the International Boxing Champ in a different way. Vinoth wants to beat the International Boxing Champ. Why does he take such a decision? and what made him to get such an agony against the boxing champ? is the story of this film.

Andreya has taken the role of Suji in this Film ‘Valiyavan’. While Vinoth and Suji being strangers, Suji proposes her love to Vinoth in their first meet in this film ‘Valiyavan’. Is the proposal real? And what made her fall in love with Vinoth? Is all that’s behind this story!

In this film ‘Valiyavan’, Bala Saravanan is coming as a colleague cum friend. Being Vinoth’s friend, he helps in finding the stranger girl (Suji) one who suddenly appears in front of Vinoth and says “I Love You” and then vanishes away.

Vinoth’s father (Azhagam Perumal) and Suji are working together and they both are in very friendly relationship with each other. While Vinoth and his parents go to a film, a baddie one who comes to the theatre beats both Vinoth and his father. Then they go home with only worries left at the end of the day. Vinoth’s mother (Anupama Kumar) gets upset by knowing that his father’s tooth is broken while he got beaten. In this situation Vinoth feels to stay along with his friend in a room to get out of this bad incident.

Meanwhile he searches Suji along with his friends in the subway where she proposed and everywhere else. The other side, Suji also searches Vinoth in his office and his room. This search goes for a week and Vinoth wonders how Suji knows his work and dwelling place. Finally after a week they meet each other and Suji explains to Vinoth and his colleague how she knew him and why does she Love him. The next day while Vinoth accepts her love and tell that he too Loves her, Suji tells that it was not serious and she just made a Tit for Tat game. Then Vinoth tries to convince her in many ways but she says that she does not like him coming at the back of her for the sake of love. And she also tells to prove his excellence in strength and braveness. He also says that he is ready to face any challenge.

The Olympic silver medal list in this film ‘Valiyavan’ reveals the reason for the second place in this boxing championship to his coach. People in India celebrates the victory of this Indian Olympic Champ by considering the words of Gold Medallist who himself appreciated the talent of Indian champ by telling that if he had not made that single foul, he would have won the Gold medal. But he tells to his coach that that single foul was done purposefully to get second place. That was a match fixing competition in which Indian boxer committed to make that foul only for the sake of money which his opponent offered to him. Indian Boxing coach betrayed this bastard for doing such a non-patriotic thing.

Here in our hero’s story, Vinoth practises Boxing with different coaches and trainers and gets fit to face the International Boxing Champion. During this period he avoids Suji and her phone calls totally. Why does he choose boxing to prove his excellence? Why does he want to defeat the International boxing Champion? Does he aim to get into the next Boxing championship competition and win Gold medal or not? Did he defeat that Indian boxing silver medallist of this year? Did Vinoth and Suji’s love end up with a positive note? These are the suspense of this story climax which you have to see and enjoy in this film.

Tamil Movie Valiyavan Review:

The first half of the movie has most of the scenes like Jai is following Andrea Jeremiah to impress her, and the flash back scenes in which the first meet of Tamil actor Jai and Andrea is said that they meet in a party and Andrea gets the situation to drop Jai ( who has drunk alcohol ) in his house. As there is a spark about the core story of the movie that how a normal man can fight and defeat an International Boxing champion, that expectation is making the audience to get bored of the love scenes and the party scenes takes place in the first half of the movie.

Normally, most of the Tamil movies will have a scene at the interval block as if giving a thrill / interest / expectation on the second half. But in this movie, Tamil cinema director Saravanan has not given any such feels to the audience. Also it looks like; the first half of the movie has been kept for time pass purpose only. The way of showing the family of Jai and the relation between Andrea and Azhagam Perumal have been stated nicely by the director. The shopping mall fight and the dialogues coming in the fight are good.

The songs coming in between the first half boring scenes are making the audience getting more bored. When we look about the casts, the acting of Tamil actor Jai in this movie is good and he has put his efforts for the story of this movie, like getting six pack abdomen must be appreciated. But still the style of acting as the role he had acted in the movie Engeyum Eppodhum looks still continuing in his movies like this too.

The role of heroin of this movie cannot be done other Tamil actresses than Tamil actress Andrea Jeremiah. Because the role of Andrea in the movie Valiyavan has the scenes like handling the guys who trying to do flirt with her, teasing her boyfriend, challenging her boyfriend and this role has the scenes like discussing with elder people without any hesitations. Acting of Azhagam Perumal and the woman who has done the pair of him have done their part well and good, and it looks like Azhagam perumal has done this role with dedication. The comedian actor Bala Saravanan has made us to smile for some moments.

The message said in this movie is so strong but the strenghth could have been carried by both the first and second part of the movie equally, instead of having big load on the second half.

Over all – Tamil movie Valiyavan has good message and the Tamil cinema fans can admire this movie only if they tolerate in the first half of the movie.

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