Break up between Tamil actress Trisha and Varun manian !!

We already heard about the wed lock announcement of Tamil actress Trisha that she is going to marry Mr. Varun who is one of the Tamil cinema producers. But now we have got a hot gossip that the pair of Tamil actress Trisha and Varun has got broken up and the marriage which was engaged by the parents of them also would be cancelled.
Tamil actress Trisha wedding photos with Varun

Tamil actress Trisha has been acting in Tamil cinema for more than 10 years of time as heroin and she has paired with probably all the Tamil cinema super star actors like, Kamal hassan, Vijay, Ajith, Simbu etc., Before months, there was a big announcement of Tamil cinema that the marriage announcement of Tamil actress Trisha with Varun was announced and the engagement with the presence of family friends was conducted on January 23rd of 2015. But in the engagement function, the marriage date of Trisha remained unannounced.  Tamil actress Trisha herself was posting many pictures in which she is posing together with Varun manian in the official Twitter account of Tamil actress Trisha.

Later on, Varun manian who is the bride groom of Trisha announced that he is going to produced a Tamil movie having Trisha as the heroin. Then, Trisha announced that she is getting away from that Tamil movie under the production of Varun manian and then Varun manian announced the name of another actress as the heroin of the same movie. But the reason behind all these happenings were not dis closed.
Tamil actress Trisha Varun photos
 after engagement

With all these details as backup, we have got another information / gossip that there is a big clash happened between Tamil actress Trisha and Varun manian and thats that reason why Trisha got away from that Tamil cinema which was announced as Trisha heroin by Varun Manian. Additionally, after the engagement, Trisha used to come to all the special functions / special events together with Varun manian only, but we can find Trisha alone in such functions. It seems that there was a family function of Varun Manian happened recently in which all of the family members of Varun have attended but Trisha had not attended that function too.

So now there is a big rumour / gossip spreading around that the break up between Trisha and Varun manian has happened and the close friends of Tamil actress Trisha and Varun manian are trying their best to console both of them.

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