National award winning - Tamil cinema editor Kishore is in coma

Tamil cinema editor Kishore
Tamil cinema editor Kishore who won the National award for best editor for working in Tamil movie Aadukalam has been admitted in the hospital as he is in coma stage now. Earlier, not only in Tamil movie Aadukalam, but also Kishore has done the editing work for the Tamil movies, Eeram, Payanam, Engeyum Eppodhum, Kaanchana, Pradesi and Madha Yaanai Kuutam. If we see the personnel profile and back ground of Tamil cinema editor Kishore, he was born in Villupuram in the year of 1978. He has not married yet. Kishore has been one of the remarkable Editors of Tamil cinema and he has been proving himself as the best editor in the industry with his quality works.

The current project of Kishore is Tamil movie Visaaranai under the direction of Tamil cinema director Vetri Maaran. At the time when he was in the work of Editing of Tamil movie Visaaranai, Kishore has got fainted in the working place itself and he has been taken to the hospital immediately by the crew of the Tamil movie Visaaranai.

When the doctors tested the condition of Kishore, they have declared that there is a blood clot in the brain of Kishore and there must be an urgent surgery has to be arranged and if the surgery is done, Kishore may come around from the coma stage within 24 hours of time. But, even after the surgery is done, Tamil cinema editor Kishore has not come over from the coma stage. At this stage, now the doctors have been telling of arranging for another surgery on Kishore again.

Now the Tamil cinema audience have created a hash tag with the name, #getwellsoonkishore in the social network media, twitter and many have started posting their prayers under this hash tag.

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