Tamil movie Isai - Casts and Crew, Story and Complete Review

Tamil movie Isai - Sathyaraj
In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look about the Tamil movie Isai in which Tamil actor, director come music director S J Suryah has done the major male role and Tamil actress Saavithri has made her debut with this movie. We shall start the article with the Casts and Crew of the movie Isai.

Tamil movie Isai - Casts and Crew:

Lead male role ( Hero ) - Tamil actor S J Suryah

Lead female role ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Sulagna Panigrahi ( Debut )

Villain - Tamil actor Sathya Raj

Other actors in Tamil movie Isai are, Ganja Karuppu, Thambi Ramaiyah, Azhagam Perumal, Gibran Osman, directors A R Muruga dass, Vishnuvardhan, Raju Sundaram, actress Nila and others.

Direction - Tamil cinema director S J Surya,

Story - S J Surya,

Music director - S J Surya

Cinematography - Soundara Rajan

Producer - Subbaiah, Victor Raj Pandian and S J Suryah.

Editing - K M Riyaz

Tamil movie Isai - Story:

As one of the styles of Tamil cinema director S J Surya, this movie also starts by revealing the basic story of the movie with one single line that, What jealousy can do to a genius?. as the over all story of Tamil movie Isai is about  the jealousy of Sathya Raj who is the best music director of Tamil cinema. One day Sathya Raj gets clash with one of the Tamil cinema directors that the director asks Sathya Raj to give tune for his movie. When Sathyaraj gives the tune, the director says that the tunes are looking old and asking Sathyaraj to give new tunes. As Sathyaraj gets angry on the director because of this, Sathyaraj insults the director and then gives tune for him.

So the director calls S J Surya who is one of the assistants of Sathyaraj working in his studio. After that S J Suryah goes to work as a music director individually. There the jealousy starts between Sathyaraj and S J Surya. By the years passing, S J Surya becomes the best music director of Tamil cinema and Sathya raj starts sitting in home without job. With this peak level of jealousy and anger on S J Surya lives in a guest house far away from the city, so that he can be away from hearing the songs of S J Surya.

At the same time, S J Surya goes to a forest to make an album about the music of nature. In the forest he meets the heroin, Tamil actress Savithri and fells in love with her. After the love, S J Surya marries Savithri. When S J Surya comes back from the forest, all of the things around him are getting strange. For example, the driver of S J Surya stops the car of S J Surya by having S J Surya as the passenger at a road signal and not moving the car even after the signal moves to the green signal. So, all the vehicles behind start making high noisy horns and disturbing Tamil cinema music director S J Surya totally. Then the car driver gets out of the car and running away by taking the key of the car.

Like this kind of strange things are happening to S J Surya continuously. By the scenes going, Savithri gets pregnant and that also getting aborted. What is the reason for the strange things happening around S J Surya? What happened to S J Surya ? are the questions being carried in the second half of the Tamil movie Isai.

Tamil movie Isai - Complete review:

This movie has been taken with one single intention that the whole movie should be interesting and a complete entertaining. On the other hand, S J Surya has taken the serious subject of jealous happening between two legendary music directors. In this movie S J Surya has not only given his excellence in the direction, but also he has given his acting performance, writing and also as a good music director too.

The top excellence of this movie is the acting of Tamil actor Sathyaraj that when ever Sathyaraj comes in the screen, the scenes gets more interesting and blocks the eye balls of the audience. Not only Sathyaraj but also the combination of Tamil actor Sathyaraj with Tamil cinema comedian Ganja Karuppu has worked out well and good in this movie. In this way, this movie can be a significant one for the Tamil cinema comedy actor Ganja Karuppu is sure.

Even though the length of the movie is high, the usual masala of S J Surya, songs and the acting of Sathyaraj have made the movie interesting. Even though giving a controversial / talkative climax is the modern technique of the Tamil cinema industry now, my personnel opinion is that the movie might have given a verdict for the whole story of the movie.

Over all, the movie is filled with interesting scenes. A must watch ( U/A ) movie.

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