27 January 2015

Who is giving dubbing for Tamil actress Hansika Motwani?

Hansika Motwani who has been one of the top most actresses of both Tamil cinema industry and Telugu Industry. The name of dubbing artist who works behind the camera for Hansika Motwani is Saveetha. Saveetha is not only giving voice for Hansika but also she was giving the voice for Tamil actresses Simran, Jothika, Aishwarya Rai, Genelia, Tammannah Bhatia and Amala Paul.
Tamil actress Hansika Motwani in Meegaman

Saveetha is not only famous for her voice because she gave voice for these biggies of Tamil cinema, but also for her effort that she use to change the modulation of her voice based on the appearance and role of the specific actresses in a movie. Even if there is some mistake in the face re actions of the actresses in the shot, Saveetha had been making those mistakes ok with her nice work with the back ground voice. Only because of these kind of valuable reasons, almost all the Tamil heroins who are coming from the North India are preferring only Saveetha as the dubbing artist for their characters in the Tamil cinemas.

With this back ground information, for all the characters of Hansika Motwani in her career in Tamil cinema since her debut movie, Maapillai, Saveetha is the one who has been giving dubbing voice. When it was asked to Saveetha to do the dubbing for Hansika, she has asked for higher salary and so the dubbing artist for Hansika was changed. At the end of the shootings works and the release of the movie Meeghaman, when Hansika saw the output on the screen, Hansika has felt bad and missed the work of Saveetha in the movie Meeghaman. Because Hansika has felt that the voice of the new dubbing artist has not fit with Hansika Motwani face reaction and she has felt that the voice of Saveetha would have overcome the mistakes even if there is any mistake done by Hansika Motwani in the movie too.

Also it look like, Hansika has insisted the producers of the next Tamil movies of Hansika to get back Saveetha again for the Tamil dubbing works of Hansika.

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