Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai - Casts and Crew, Story and Complete Review

In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look about the Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai in detailed with the sub titles of Casts and crew of Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai, Story of Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai and Complete Review of Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai.
Tamil movie I - Review

Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai - Casts and Crew:

Director - Shankar

Dialogues - Tamil cinema director Shankar and Subha

Main Male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Chiyaan Vikram

Main female actor ( Heroin ) - Tamil Actress Amy Jackson

Main Villain actor - Tamil actor Suresh Gopi

Other actor / actresses in Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai - Open Patel, Ram Kumar Ganeshan ( Elder son of Tamil actor Shivaji Ganeshan ), Srinivasan, Mohan Kapoor, Ojas M. Rajani and Tamil actor Supreme Star Sarath Kumar ( Cameo appearance ).

Music - Tamil cinema music director A R Rahman

Cinematography of Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai - P C Sri Ram

Editing - Llewelyn Antony and Gonsalves

Production - Aascar Films Pvt Ltd.,

Total Time duration of  Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai

Release date of Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai - 14 January 2015

Expected Box Office Collection of Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai - above 1 billion dollar. Because the budget in the production of Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai is 1 billion dollar ( based on sources ).

Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai - Story line:

The story of Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai starts with the kidnapping scene of Amy Jackson from a marriage hall by having Amy Jackson in bridal make up and the man who is doing the kidnap is a man with hunch back and ugly face covering his body with a black cloth. The man with hunch back is none other than Tamil actor Vikram ( Character name is Lingeshwaran aka Lee ).  Then he gets her to an un used bungalow where no one exists. The tied Amy Jackson, Vikram closes the door of the bungalow and the title card for director Shankar appears having the screaming sound of Amy Jackson asking who are you.
Vikram and Amy for Tamil movie I
On the other hand, the flash back starts; in that flash back, Vikram is an youngster living in Chennai and trying very hard to pursue the titles, Mr. Tamilnadu and Mr. India. also he has a great crush on Amy Jackson ( Character Name Diyaa ) who has been one of the best models in India and acting in the greatest advertisements of the country. That every morning, Lingeshwaran gets up, looking at the advertisements of Amy Jackson in TV and then looking at the paper advertisements with the stills of Amy Jackson and even he watches out the advertising banners on the road when he goes for jogging too.

On the other hand, Amy Jackson has been shining in the modeling profession that he has been acting in the very close advertisements with the male model. Upen Patel. Being in the same modeling profession, Upen Patel is getting lust on Amy Jackson and he tries to mis behave with Amy Jackson for a couple of time. So, Amy Jackson is complaining about these things about Upen Patel to Suresh Gopi who is the family friend and like a guardian for herself and her family. Hearing these, Suresh Gopi also warns Upen Patel.

As Upen Patel is the leading model of the country, he talks with the main person of the main advertising agency ( company name - I ) and takes Amy Jackson out of an advertisement and replacing with another model. So Amy Jackson herself goes for finding a new male model with the help of Suresh Gopi. On the other hand, Vikram tries hard and wins the Mr. Tamilnadu title by defeating Ravi ( Character name ) who means the same title as his life as the title helps him to get the Government job and settle in job and Ravi gets age barred to compete for Mr. Tamilnadu thereafter. After winning Mr. Tamilnadu title, Vikram starts doing modeling for very small market valued products.

In this situation, Amy Jackson finds Vikram as the male model for her future modeling career. With some efforts and influences, Amy Jackson makes Vikram as one of the male models of the modeling industry. In the beginning, Vikram struggles to act as a model. So Amy Jackson makes a plan and acts as if she loves Vikram and gets the advertisement successful with the nice chemistry of Vikram and Amy JAckson. At the end of the shoots, Vikram comes to know the play of Amy Jackson and after few scenes, Amy Jackson starts loving with Vikram.

Now Vikram hesitates to act in an ad shoot under the company I and gets the hate of the owner of the company, actor Ram Kumar too. Also the stylist professional lady wants to make revenge on Vikram as he neglects the love of that stylist. With all these story back ground, what happened to Lingeshwaran ? How Lingeshwaran becomes a man with hunch back? What Hunch back Vikram did in the second half with his weak body ? are the questions revealed in the second half of the movie.

Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai - Review:

There is no doubt that the movie I will be a block buster movie in the International cinema market. Music, Cinematography, acting of Vikram and direction are world class.

Tamil actor Vikram in Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai:

This is yet another big role done by Tamil actor Vikram in Tamil cinema followed by his previous role in another Shankar movie, Anniyan. But this time, Vikram has given his world class acting talent. Not only by facing heavy diet and adjesting body weight as per the 3 appearances he has shown in this movie, but also the expressions he has shown in this movie. Vikram has ruled the whole movie with his face expressions that the eye balls of the audience can not movie away from Vikram on the screen.
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At the scenes coming with the Mr. Tamilnadu Lingeshwaran, Vikram has got the perfect physique competing with the real body builders and it proves when he comes and standing among the other body builders on the stage. To tell simple, Vikram has become an original Mr. Tamil nadu level appearance with his work outs and fitness maintenance. When Vikram comes on the screen as the model for different products, he has become narrow fitness with perfect look as a model. Here too, he has ruled the screen with his expressions.

When Vikram comes as a man with hunch back, even though he has done heavy coating of make up on him, he has brought out great expressions to give soul for the scene. Especially in the scene of begging, we could not feel that it is Vikram inside and he has brought a beggar on screen with hunch back. In the fight scenes, as usual, Vikram has scared us with his heavy movements and speed.

One National Award parcel..

Tamil actress Amy Jackson in Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai:

This role is looking like made for Amy Jackson. I read somewhere that there were talks going on to fix either Tamil actress Asin Thottumkal or Deepika Padukone for this role. But I think, if any of those 2 had been fixed for this role, we the audience might have not get that much rich feeling on the character of the heroin in this movie which is very essential for the second half of the movie. As Amy Jackson herself is a model in her real life in England, this role suits her perfectly.
Tamil actress Amy Jackson for Tamil
movie I
Not only just for the appearance but also in acting, Amy Jackson's acting in this movie is far better than her previous movies. Not only acting, but also in Tamil language dialogue pronunciation. Amy Jackson has made her lip movement as per the Tamil dialogues in this movie very well; not only for the dialogue speaking scenes but also in the video songs, she has done her level best and given better output in this movie.
This movie is one of the rare movies coming nowadays with the capability of attracting repeated audiences. Because each and every shots of the movie have come out with high perfection with the help of the highly talented technicians of the movie like, Shankar, A R Rahman, P C Sri Ram, more over everyone, Vikram, that no one else can be even imagined in the place of Vikram in this movie. He has given his body, Talent and everything for this movie and it gives the soul for the role of Lee in this movie.

Totally - Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai is a very good movie worth of watching more than one time in the theaters for sure. This movie will prove the talent of Tamil cinema technicians to the world as it has been released in other countries than India too is sure. 

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